History 1952-1972

The policy of the government was for the university to function in Colombo until the buildings at Peradeniya were made ready for occupation. In pursuance of this policy, the first batch of students from the Departments of Law, Agriculture and Vet. Science came into residence at Peradeniya in 1949, but the major move took place on 6th October 1952 when the staff and the students of the Faculties of Arts and Oriental Studies, together with the Library and the University Administration, were transferred to Peradeniya.

An important development in 1954 was the transfer of the Department of Dental Surgery to Peradeniya. The second Faculty of Science was started at the commencement of the university session of 1961/62. The first stage of the second Medical School commenced in June 1961 and the first batch of medical students admitted in January 1962. After many delays, the Faculty of Engineering was transferred to Peradeniya in October 1964.

The inauguration of the second Faculty of Arts in Colombo during 1963 represented a development in the reverse direction in respect of the transfer to Peradeniya.

In 1967, in order to cater to the increasing demand for higher education, those parts of the University of Ceylon still functioning in Colombo were amalgamated into a separate university under the title "University of Ceylon - Colombo". Thus the University of Ceylon was divided into two universities and the University of Ceylon- Peradeniya became a separate entity confined only to Peradeniya.