Capital Works Unit

The main function of the Capital Works Unit is the preparation of Rehabilitation and Capital estimates for the given year. The Unit performs the crucial functions of providing goods and services required by all Faculties, Institutes, Units, Centres and Divisions and obtaining approval from the relevant authorities for implementation of the necessary construction work.

The preparation of Project Proposals and obtaining the approval for such Capital Projects from Higher Authorities are the two major tasks of this Unit. The approval needs to be obtained from the University Grants Commission, Ministry of Higher Education, Department of National Planning and the Cabinet of Ministers under the guidance and approval of the Lands, Buildings & Maintenance Committee (LBMC) of the University of Peradeniya. It also prepares all Cabinet Memoranda pertaining to the Capital Projects and all Tender Documents (excluding the BOQ’s and Drawings) according to the Guide Lines issued by the Institute of Construction Training and Development (ICTAD) and as per the circulars stipulating the Financial Regulations of the Government of Sri Lanka. After obtaining approval from the relevant authorities, Quotations and Tenders are called according to the existing rules and regulations indicated in the Procurement Guide Lines in order obtain the recommendation of the Technical Evaluation Committee and the approval of the Procurement Committees of the University to expedite Rehabilitation and Capital Projects.

The other tasks carried out by the unit are collecting documents relevant to Capital and Rehabilitation Projects for compilation and submission to the Technical Evaluation Committee(TEC), Lands Buildings and Maintenance Committee (LBMC); arranging Progress Review meetings pertaining to ongoing Capital Projects; and preparing Awarding Letters and other relevant Agreements.

The unit is also involved in the preparation of draft budget estimates and sending required information on the Capital and Rehabilitation Projects to the University Grants Commission, Ministry of Higher Education and the General Treasury. The Unit also prepares Advance, Interim, Final and Retention Payment Certificates in order to expedite Payments incurred in Capital and Rehabilitation Projects

Staff of the Capital Works Unit