Works Department

The crucial responsibility of the Works Department is the overall Maintenance of the Buildings, Electricity System, Water Supply System, Roads network, Drainage & Sewerage system. Maintenance works of Buildings are categorized as follows:

  • Administration
  • Faculties
  • Halls of Residence
  • Staff Quaters

For each category above, separate Civil Supervisors are appointed as persons in charge of all civil activities and services stated. Particulars of the officers concerned including their official Telephone numbers are appended below:

Electrical Maintenance Unit     Mr. J.A Gunathilaka (Superintendent - Electrical)+94 81 2392115 
    Mr. B.M Kularathna (Supervisor - Civil)+94 81 2392115 
Water Supply & Maintenance Unit     Mr. A.S.A Gunasekara (Superintendent – Civil)+94 81 2392115 
Halls & Residence  Maintenance Unit     Mr. P.K.S Senarathna (Supervisor - Civil)  +94 81 2392115 
Administration Building Maintenance Unit     Mr. R.D Serasinghe (Technical Officer)      +94 81 2392115   
Faculty Building Maintenance Unit     Mr. M.M.P.N.K Munasinghe (Supervisor - Civil) +94 81 2392115 
Staff Quarters Maintenance Unit     Mr. J.A.S Jayasinghe (Supervisor - Civil) +94 81 2392115 
Road Maintenance Unit     Mr. H.M.P Herath (Supervisor - Civil) +94 81 2392115 
Drainage & Sewerage system Maintenance Unit     Mr. A.R.M.C.S.B Rathnayaka (Supervisor - Civil) +94 81 2392115 

urgent work involves electricity and water supply could be informed over the phone. Inquiries regarding the maintenance works could be made to works Engineer or to the relevant officer who is in charge of the respective category of work. If the relevant officer is unable to respond to the request, it is possible to make the request to the Works Engineer directly.