Non-Academic Establishments Division

Recruitments, appointments, confirmations, promotions, grant of increments, extension of service, leave facilities, transfers, retirements, resignations, terminations, release of UPF, release of pension, release of gratuity, trade union matters, training, staff developments, welfare activities (Uniform, Warrants, Season tickets, Insurance schemes) and any other matters related to non-academic establishments and/or all Non-Academic Employees.

Handling of all disciplinary matters pertaining to the non-academic employees or audit queries relating to non academic employees.

Maintaining records of approved cadre, preparing annual estimates, new cadre proposals and making cadre changes, etc.

Attending to salary revisions, making salary adjustments etc., as and when necessary.

Providing statistical information, whenever requested by the UGC and other Government Departments / Institutes.

Staff of the Non-Academic Establishments Division