Student Services Division

The key functions of Student services branch are to administer the student welfare matters at the university. This branch liaises with all 8 faculties, units and divisions in order to maintain a better welfare system.

The Student services branch is also responsible for matters related to the administration of the Mahapola scholarship after the selection is made by the University Grants Commission. Bursary is available for low income students of University of Peradeniya who are expected to get the application forms from the student services branch on their admission. Student services branch administrate the entire process of granting bursary to students.

The Student Services Branch is also involved in the task of providing Student accommodation in accordance with the rules and regulations formulated by the University. Application letters for concessionary season tickets for the non resident students to use public transport are also issued by the branch.

There are 22 Canteens and cafeterias, a laundry, a tailor shop, and a barber salon in the university which come under the purview of the branch. Service providers are selected annually by a selection board comprising the main stakeholders of the faculties and halls of residence. The branch monitors the services afforded by those who provide them with the support of the university health centre.

Student societies are required to register or renew their registration every academic year at the student services branch. The Student services branch is also responsible for convening meetings of the senior student counsellors, Proctor and Deputy Proctors, Wardens and Sub wardens. The Assistant Registrar student services acts as the secretary to the scholarship committee, the Executive Secretary to the Arts Council and the convener to the Ragging prevention committee.

The branch also coordinates activities of the Scholarships committee and maintains files for all medals, prizes, scholarships and studentships. Moreover, it is responsible for awarding of Medals, Prizes and Scholarships.

The student union elections of all faculties are coordinated by this branch and the Assistant Registrar, Student services is appointed by the Vice Chancellor as the Returning Officer to conduct the election of office bearers for the university student union (PUSU).

Students are required to obtain permission from the university to organize any activity and trips/excursion. The Student services branch issues permission letters to students and others who organize such activities.

In addition to the above, the student services branch coordinates and facilitates the selection process of the University Proctor, Deputy Proctors, Senior Student Counsellors, Wardens, Senior Academic Sub Wardens and Academic Sub Wardens.

Staff of the Student Services Division