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The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya is the pioneer institute responsible for higher education in Agriculture in Sri Lanka. The Government of Ceylon authorised the incorporation of Agriculture higher education to the curricular of University of Ceylon on the 5th April 1946 and the first batch of 24 students was admitted to follow the B.Sc. Agriculture degree program in 1948, after completing the GSQ examination.   Agriculture degree program was the first to commence formally at Peradeniya. Initially the study program was offered by the Department of Agriculture of the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Science. In 1972, an independent Faculty of Agriculture was established in Peradeniya in order to strengthen Agriculture higher education. Today, we are proud to be the oldest, largest and the most dynamic Agriculture Faculty in the country.

The Faculty of Agriculture today consists of eight academic departments representing all possible disciplines related to Agriculture. In order to support the academic programs as well as the outreach activities, the Faculty has established various centres and units that are headed by the academic staff members. The Agriculture Education Unit, Agriculture Bio-technology Centre, Agribusiness Centre, Teaching Methods Unit and Clean Development Mechanism Study Centre are some of them. The Faculty is capable of providing a sound practical training in Agriculture through its Livestock Farm, three Crop Farms and Mahailluppallama sub-campus which offers practical training in agriculture during one whole semester.


The Faculty presently offers three degree programs of 4-year duration namely B.Sc. Agricultural Technology & Management, B.Sc. Food Science & Technology and B.Sc. Animal Science & Fisheries. The total Annual student intake to the Faculty through the UGC is 275 and the total student population is about 1100. All the academic programs offered by the Faculty are designed according to a semester based course unit system in order to give the most effective training on the subject matter. In order to ensure the best quality of the training offered by the Faculty, the Faculty is equipped with 119 permanent academic staff and 250 academic support staff. We have the strongest academic staff with 89 members trained up to Ph.D. in world famous leading universities of which about 50 % are full Professors.


The unique feature of our graduates is that they are fitting to a wider range of disciplines because of the multi-disciplinary nature of our academic programs. Beside subject matter knowledge, our students get a balanced training in communication skills, computer & IT skills and life skills development. Our students have immense opportunities to get involved in social and welfare activities through various student societies as well as through events conducted by the Faculty. In order to assist our students in various aspects during their course of studies at the Faculty, the Faculty offers formal advisory and counselling programs, financial assistance for needy students and many others. We live in the Faculty as one family thus creating the best environment for studying and working. Thanked to the unique training we give to our students, our graduates always dominate in the job market and do not find much difficulty in finding employment. It is well known that graduates of our Faculty are found employed everywhere in the country and abroad, almost in all the sectors. 

Prof. K. Samarasinghe Dean, Agriculture

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