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Pera Alumni Reunion - 2013

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"The Pera-Alumni Reunion 2013" was held, on a grand scale, on Jan. 6th 2013 at "The Lodge", the residence of the Vice Chancellor.

The event was organized by the parent body of the Alumni Association of the University of Peradeniya (AAUP). Members of the AAUP have a common bond - a sense of pride in their Alma mater as well as fond memories of their undergraduate days in the salubrious environment of Peradeniya. The Reunion was, therefore, organized to provide an opportunity for local and overseas Alumni to re-visit the University of Peradeniya, renew old friendships and recollect and recall the contribution made by the University to their lives, as well as education and research in the country. The intention was to provide fun and fellowship as well as an opportunity for Alumni to re-iterate their belief in their Alma mater and focus on ways and means to contribute to its future development.

The Vice Chancellor and more than 200 local and overseas alumni and their families joined together to the make the Pera-Alumni Reunion 2013 a truly unforgettable event. We thank all the participants for their presence and the organizers for their efforts to make this event a resounding success.

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