University of peradeniya

Centre for Distance and Continuing Education

Degree Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Faculty of Arts of the University of Peradeniya has conducted the BA Degree programme since the establishment of the External Examinations Division in 1978. The Centre for Distance & continuing Education (CDCE), University of Peradeniya has now taken over the implementation of the programme and is in the process of revising the curriculum. The largest number of students sitting for the GCE (Advanced Level) examination come from the Arts stream. These students are unable to enter the University system and often find it difficult to find career placements. The BA Degree has served many such students in furthering their higher studies as well as permitted those employed to obtain a degree for career advancement.


To produce graduates capable of General objectives of this programme are to prepare the students:

  • To acquired analytical and problem solving ability and to enhance his/her capacity to learn from experience.
  • To continue further studies and to develop new entrepreneurial ventures to capitalize the opportunities available
  • in Sri Lanka.

Programme Eligibility:

  • Those who have passed GCE(A/L) in Arts stream to enter the University system in Sri Lanka.

Mode of Instructions:

  • A seminar series is conducted in Sinhala/Tamil for all subjects. Seminar schedule can be accessed
  • at :

Programme Structure:

The degree is evaluated at two levels. The first Examination is the General Arts Qualifying (GAQ) Examination. A student passing all three subjects or referred in one subject may proceed to the next level.
The second stage is the BA Final Examination. A student is required to pass all three subjects in one sitting at the GAQ as well as the BA Final Examination to be eligible for graduation.

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] 

Introduction :

 The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) online Degree programme is delivered by Centre for Distance and Continuing Education (CDCE), University of Peradeniya  and conducted in collaboration with the department of Management Studies of the Faculty of Arts , University of Peradeniya. This degree program intends to provide opportunities to those students who qualify for university admission, but fail to obtain placement within the national university system in Sri Lanka. 

Objectives :

General objectives of this program are to prepare the students;

  • to proceed to senior management positions in various organizations and to participate in effective decision-making,
  • to acquire analytical and problem solving ability, and to enhance their capacity to learn from experience,
  • to receive a strong foundation to continue further studies and
  • to develop new entrepreneurial ventures to capitalize on the opportunities available in Sri Lankan context.

 Entry Requirements :

 Passed G.C.E (A/L) in one sitting (any stream) or any other equivalent qualifications recognized by the UGC. Basic computer literacy and good knowledge in English is an added advantage.

 Mode of Delivery :

The instructions are in blended mode. Course materials are delivered online and limited number of face-to-face discussion sessions are held at CDCE. A written examination is held at the end of each semester at CDCE, University of Peradeniya.

Tutor-Mentors and Subject Matter Experts (SME) are available online throughout the programme to facilitate the online learning.

Medium of Instruction : English

Programme Structure :

 The duration of the programme is three academic years and an academic year consists of two semesters. The programme is offered in three levels ; Certificate, Diploma and Degree.


 Calling for applications :

 Every year applications are called during November/ December through news paper advertisement. Application forms can be obtained from the CDCE website when CDCE call for applications.

 Degree Awarded by:

University of Peradeniya.