Message from the Director

  • The range of issues associated with the environment will pose formidable challenges to the mankind in the years to come. Viable solutions are being sought at all levels for issues such as air quality, water security, waste disposal, habitat protection, land use, extreme weather, climate change, bio diversity, resource use, conservation and sustainability, which are of immense importance. Addressing them responsibly and with an eye to the future involves scientific, economic, and social choices. It also requires the ability to design institutions, policies, and relationships that enable policy makers and others to make connections among environmental, economic, and social priorities and goals. The core functions of the CES are; capacity building of stakeholders of the sector of all levels by offering short courses, training programs, workshops, conferences and conducting research on environmental issues at local, national and global levels. It also helps various government agents and other stakeholders to protect and sustainably manage the nation's natural resources through planned environmental initiatives in collaboration with other universities, governmental, non-governmental and private sector organizations. The CES is thus keen and strives to become an intentionally recognized centre of excellence for training and research in environment in the region and invite to join hands in its efforts of ensuring safer and healthy environment.

    I am pleased to welcome you to our website, and invite you to explore and be informative about the educational, research, consultancies and other outreach activities are being undertaken by the CES. I believe the information provided in this web-page will be useful for you to actively engage with the activities of CES.