• Environmental issues ranging from local to global scale with different magnitudes are of significant importance to all living beings. The University of Peradeniya has been involved in environmental studies since 1952. Realizing the importance of addressing these issues, and by considering the enormous capabilities of the University and roles that it can play, the Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) of the University of Peradeniya was established in 1992 as a self financed institution, with the objective of supporting and possibly improving the nation's ability to address these wide range of pressing environmental problems. With its focus on innovative and interdisciplinary approaches, the CES has been accomplishing these goals by bringing together scholars from related disciplines within the university, interested students, leading stakeholders and the wider community beyond the university.

    Over the past 23 years, the CES has been rendering a very commendable and significant service both to the University and to the nation in the field of environmental education and training especially in Environmental impact assessment (EIA), Environmental standards and Human resources management, Undertaking environmental consultancies, consulting and conducting EIA for major projects, and carrying out of research activates.

Vision of the CES

  • To ensure an environmentally informed and responsible society

Mission of the CES

  • To disseminate sound environmental knowledge, to develop skills necessary for efficient environmental management and to inculcate sustainable environmental attitudes among the university students, professional and general public.

Specific objectives are

  • To build capacity of stakeholders of all levels on environment issues and possible solutions through awareness programs

    To promote, organize and co-ordinate multidisciplinary environmental studies in the country and disseminate information among the stakeholder institutions

    To provide consultations on environmental related projects and advocacy on environmental policy issues.