Training and Capacity Building

The Centre has been offering number of training programs for capacity building on environment related disciplines. Some of the ongoing programs are listed below. In addition, we are providing tailor made training courses for industries and organizations on request.

Ongoing training courses

Certificate Course in Environmental Awareness

Course Duration: 10 day (Weekend only) - Once a year/on student request

Course Content
  • Environment, Health and wildlife
  • Human Evolution and basic concepts of Ecology
  • Fundamentals of Ecological Impact Assessment
  • Biodiversity in Sri Lanka
  • Sustainable Development
  • Land Degradation
  • Politics and Environment
  • Culture and Environment
  • Women Environment
  • Ethics and Environment
  • Solid Waste
  • Air, water, noise, industrial pollution
  • Environment Hazards
  • Environment Policy and Environment Low in Sri Lanka
  • EIA and EPL Process
  • Institutions and Responsibilities
  • Environment Impact of Development
  • Introduction of field work on Environmental Impact Development
  • Filed work
  • One month research project, Presentation and Project report