What is an IQAU (Internal Quality Assurance Unit)? This is a Unit which was expected to be set up in each State University on the recommendation of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and CVCD during 2004-2006, to facilitate the University’s quality assurance activities and coordinate them with the QAAC at the UGC.

Significance of having an IQAU: In addition to having external quality assurance procedures which takes place only at intervals, assuring quality at a HEI should be a continuous, on- going process where all academic, administrative and support staff working in an institution must take responsibility for building it in to their day-to-day routine activities. Since this can be brought about only through well-functioning internal quality assurance procedures and processes it is considered the cornerstone of QA in higher education. Therefore, it is extremely important that an efficient and effective IQAU is in place in each University.

Aim: The aim of an IQAU would be to operationalize all quality assurance procedures which would have an impact on the quality of education in a University so that the students have an optimum educational experience.