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Director’s Message

Career development is a lifelong process that starts from as young as 12 years of age. Factors like individual interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and real life experiences influence the career development of a person. The goal of Career Counseling or Career Advising is to help our students get to know and understand themselves and the working environment in order to make good career, educational, and life decisions whilst also facing challenges. Throughout life, an individual will change, situations will also change, and he or she must continuously make career and life decisions. Therefore, the goal of the Career Guidance Unit is to not only help make career decisions in the present, but to also give the required knowledge and skills to make innovative future career and life decisions.
The career advisors in the CGU can identify who you are and “what you want out of your education”, “your career”, “your life” and assist you in forming a reintegrated sense of self, including helping you determine what you want to do or be. Our career counsellors will help students sort out, organize, and make sense of their thoughts and feelings towards a better career using their cross functional experiences in counseling, academic and human resource management. Our dedicated staff will assist students in identifying the factors influencing their career development, and help them assess their interests, abilities, and values. In addition, the CGU will assist students in locating resources regarding career information, especially via electronic media.
Our determination is to add value to our graduates so that they may enhance their careers and life in a relaxing and inspiring learning environment.

Our Services


Robarosiya Society

“Society for sharing life experiences and peer help for transformation to university life,
face challengers and march towards a successful future”


Provide opportunities for every student to achieve
his/her fullest potential, develop his/her career,
shapeup the future and contribute to all aspects of life


Assist students to realize their competencies
and train them to plan the appropriate steps to
make educational, training and occupational
choices and develop essential skills that will
lead to personal, educational, economic and
social advancement for the individual, family,
society and the nation.

Our policy

Our sense of purpose is reaching our vision by
assisting the career development of
undergraduates and graduates in collaboration with the Faculties
and Academic Departments of the University
together with the assistance of external world of work.

We provide all services to make you ready for the world of work !


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