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Our Vision

Provide opportunities for every student to achieve his/her fullest potential, develop his/her career, shapeup the future and contribute to all aspects of life.

Our Mission

Assist students to realize their competencies and train them to plan the appropriate steps to make educational, training and occupational choices and develop essential skills that will lead to personal, educational, economic and social advancement for the individual, family, society and the nation.

Our Policy:

Our sense of purpose is reaching our vision by assisting the career development of undergraduates and graduates in collaboration with the Faculties and Academic Departments of the University together with the assistance of external world of work. Therefore our policy is mainly focused on guiding students to transform their “choices to action” as follows.

  Support undergraduates in their efforts to make right career choices and successfully manage their academic, personal and social lives by conducting well planned programmes on the ten recommended focal areas by the University Grants Commission;

  Reduce un-employability and under-employability of Peradeniya university graduates

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  Enhance self-employability of both graduates and undergraduates

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  Provide University to Community services (U 2 C) as a national service

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