Ceylon Journal of Science


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The Ceylon Journal Science accepts original research papers in English in all areas of Sciences, especially in the subject areas of Plant and animal taxonomic descriptions, Tropical crop science and management, Post-harvest technology, Tropical Forestry and Agro-forestry, Fisheries, Tropical medicine, Natural products chemistry and bioactivity, food technology and food security, Renewable energy systems, Nanotechnology and advanced materials, image and signal processing, Economic modelling and econometric analysis, Scientific approaches to human development issues, Tropical ecology, Climate change, Water resources and Environmental engineering, Conservation and management of natural resources and Sustainable development.

The submission of a manuscript will be taken to imply that the work is original, and it, or a similar paper (other than an abstract) has not been, and will not be submitted elsewhere for publication.

Manuscripts can now be submitted to be considered for publication in the 2nd quarter (May/June), 3rd quarter (August/September), and 4th Quarter (November/December) issues of 2016.

For more instruction about how to prepare a research paper please visit our Instructions to Authors.

Manuscripts can be submitted at http://www.pdn.ac.lk/cjsbs/submit.php or by sending as an e-mail attachment to the Managing Editor,