Sri Lanka Journal of Forensic Medicine Science and Law (SJFMSL)

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Forensic Medicine

Sri Lanka Journal of Forensic Medicine Science and Law is a biannual peer reviewed scientific journal published officially by the Department of Forensic Medicine Faculty of Medicine University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka. The Department of Forensic Medicine of University of Peradeniya along with the Faculty Board of Medicine and University Senate unanimously approved the publication of this journal which was established in 2008 to address the urgent need for a scientific publication in the fields of forensic medicine science and related law in Sri Lanka.

Since its inception SLJFMSL remains the leading scientific publication in Forensic Medicine Science and law in Sri Lanka which attracts articles from contributors from Sri Lanka and abroad.

This journal publishes original research articles, case reports, and reviews in the areas of forensic medicine, forensic pathology, other forensic sciences and law related to forensics.

The journal is available in both printed form and as an e-journal.