Admissions for postgraduate programs are done by the University . In recent times students seeking admission in this regard have, on the whole, increased. The bulk of the increase has been, however, in the field of Agriculture for which there is a separate Postgraduate Institute.

In addition, students are admitted for Postgraduate Diploma Courses, Diploma in Education and Diploma in English.

Most of the postgraduate degrees and all of the postgraduate diplomas in Medicine a given by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo.

Application for Admission

Applicants for admission to candidature for higher degrees must satisfy the conditions laid down by the Faculties of the University. These may differ somewhat from Faculty to Faculty. However, the general requirement is an honours degree. Otherwise, candidates are required to sit a qualifying examination or possess a further qualification, for instance, the Master's Qualifying Examination for the Master's Degree. For the Ph.D. Degree in these circumstances, possessing a Master's Degree is a prerequisite.

In a recent attempt to further encourage postgraduate enrollment the Faculty of Arts in the University has recommended the doing away with the Master's Qualifying Examination for candidates without an honours degree. Instead, a preliminary one year course was suggested: candidates successful in this course may enter the Master's Degree Program proper. By this means the Master's Qualifying Examination which has been a big barrier to enter this degree program is now removed. The preliminary one year course conducted internally in the campus will ensure formal contact with academic work prior to Master's degree entry selection, an improvement on the situation that existed before. Candidates with honours first degrees may also avail themselves of this new route to the Master's degree program proper, and obtain prior preparation. By these new arrangements greater enrollment for post-graduate degrees appears assured, and this innovation in the Faculty of Arts reflects the general desire in recent times in this University to increase and encourage postgraduate work.

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