Presentation Guidelines

Instructions for Preparation and Presentation

Oral Presentations

  1. Presentations should be prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) or PDF format.
  2. Presentation time: 12 minutes (10 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion)
  3. The presentation file must be provided on a USB memory stick to the session coordinator at the venue prior to start of each session as given below.
  4. Session Presentation hand in time
    Day 1 Morning session By 10.00 am on Day 1
    Day 1 Afternoon session By 2.00 pm on Day 1
    Day 1 Evening session By 4.00 pm on Day 1
    Day 2 Morning session By 8.00 am on Day 2
  5. Bells will be rung during the presentation to indicate time. Prepare to wind up your presentation at the first bell, at 8 minutes. A second bell will follow at 10 minutes to indicate the end of presentation. Time limits should be strictly adhered to and only about 20 slides (maximum) can be covered in a duration of 10 minutes.

Posters Presentation

  1. Printed posters should be displayed in the designated area from 10.00 am onwards on day 1 (11th September 2019) to 11.00 am on day 2 (12th September 2019).
  2. The poster should be in portrait orientation and should be of size 2.5‘ x 3.5 ‘ (30 inches x 42 inches).
  3. Poster should have the iPURSE 2019 logo on top left-hand corner and the assigned poster number on the top right-hand corner (Please refer to the attached template).
  4. Posters should be prepared using an easy-to-read font (example Arial) and with appropriate font sizes.
  5. Poster presenter should be available by the poster during the poster session, (after lunch on Day 1).

Download poster layout