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About the Program

After conducting several stakeholder workshops and SWOT analysis, the Faculty proposed, 14 activities in the five thematic areas namely;

i) Improving National Benefit and Relevance
ii) Improving Social and Intercultural Harmony
iii) Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness
iv) Improving Sustainability and
v) Other Improvement Plans stated in the PPDU


It was hoped that this would overcome and minimize the identified problems and their root causes in the study program BSc Agriculture, in order to implement it where the relevance and quality of undergraduate education is significantly improved. The activities proposed are, to develop and revise the curriculum, incorporate in-plant training into the study program, introduce career guidance to students, strengthen the student advisory program, improve student-staff relationships, strengthen pluralism in the curriculum, establish student learning enhancement groups, and strengthen professional and ethical conduct of staff.

The grant obtained under the project is about 85 Also it proposed to acquire advances in Information and Communication Technology, develop computer based teaching / learning material, improve the learning environment, develop human resource capacity, ensure leadership and good governance, and improve the English language skills of students in this endeavour.

The Faculty sincerely believes that the proposed activities would bring about a higher commitment and good governance with efficient leadership and administration ensuring quality and social harmony in its graduates and staff to serve the nation to achieve higher economic productivity through agriculture development in the near future.

The identified problems and weaknesses of the study program could be attributed to 16 root causes as stated below.

  1. No consistent master plan
  2. Inadequate formal mechanism for linkage with industry
  3. Inadequate training of staff in education and curriculum development
  4. Exam policy and management, variable grading schemes in the University system
  5. UGC policy on admission not leading to a separate window for Faculty of Agriculture, Peradeniya
  6. Poor career guidance and needs assessment
  7. Poor teaching / learning environment and lack of resources
  8. Poor publicity of the study program
  9. Low priority regarding teaching English in the Faculty
  10. Poor IT facilities, technological infrastructure and know how
  11. Less collaboration between staff members
  12. Student intimidation by students
  13. Low moral and ethical values leading to poor work culture
  14. No agreed research themes and teams in Faculty

  15. Thematic Area Act No Activity Person In Charge
    1. Improving National Benefit and Relevance Act 1.1 Curriculum development and revision Prof. D. C. Bandara
    Act 1.2 Incorporation of in-plant training in the study program Dr. Renuka Karunagoda
    Act 1.3 Introduction of career guidance for better prospects in employability Dr. C. Rajapaksha
    2. Improving Social and Intercultural Harmony Act 2.1 Strengthen student advisory program of the Faculty Dr. D. A. N. Dharmasena
    Act 2.2 Improve student - staff relationships Dr. G. S. B. Hitinayake
    Act 2.3 Strengthen pluralism in curriculum Dr. W. Jayathilake
    Act 2.4 Establishment of student learning enhancement groups Dr. Saliya de Silva
    Act 2.5 Strengthen professional and ethical conduct of staff  
    3. Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness Act 3.1 Acquire advances in ICT to enhance student and staff performance Dr. P. M. K. Alahakoon
    Act 3.2 Development of Teaching / Learning Material to Enhance Self-Learning Dr. H. Wickramasuriya
    Act 3.3 Improvement of the learning environment for enhanced efficiency Prof. E.R.K. Perera
    4. Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness Act 4.1 Human resource development for continued productivity Dr. KS Hemachandra
    Act 4.2 Ensure Leadership and Good Governance Prof. B. Marambe
    5. Other Improvement Plans Act 5.1 Quality Enhancement of Graduates Through Better English Language Skills Prof. A. Jayakody

  16. Inadequate recognition for staff commitment
  17. Ineffective and insufficient administration systems (Faculty, University)
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