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About the Program


Almost all the students entering the undergraduate training programs in the Sri Lankan University system are poorly prepared for the tertiary level education. Not only are they deficient in good learning habits and skills, they also lack adequate competence in English which is the medium of instruction in all the faculties except in the Faculty of Arts

The inadequate competency in the skills in English has hampered the progress of undergraduates as well as their outlook as they perform poorly at examinations, at interviews and at their work places after their graduation

Problems / Issues to be addressed

The problems are organized for descriptive purposes into four categories.

  1. Student related problems
    1. learning difficulties
    2. deficiency of social skills
  2. ELTU unit and staff related problems
  3. ELTU curriculum related issues
    1. The attendance of students in the ongoing English teaching program is not satisfactory due to their heavy commitment for the core program
    2. Most students lack the understanding of the existing opportunities in the job market and the attributes that employers seek
    3. Students' inter-personal skills during graduate studies and after are poor. They lack communicative skills and desirable behavioral characteristics in the work situations.

    1. The ELTU lacks adequate resources in ELTU and equipment
    2. The present staff lacks adequate skills in teaching methodology (lesson planning, delivery, evaluation etc.)
    3. Most staff lacks post graduate level training

  3. The existing ELT curriculum has evolved over the years and has not been subjected to formal critical evaluation.


  1. To conduct a Career Guidance Program to impart adequate skills to become successful in the works of work
  2. To strengthen the capacity of the ELTU through
    1. Purchase of ELT material
    2. Curriculum revision
    3. Short term and long term teacher training
  3. To develop facilities to promote student centered learning
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