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About the Program


While it is possible for physically disabled students to enter the university through the normal intake, every academic year most faculties admit such students through special intake. However, the facilities available to these students at the University of Peradeniya are far from adequate. This is especially true of vision-impaired students although students with other forms of physical disability also experience difficulties resulting from the lack of adequate facilities.

The most urgently felt needs concern the access to information by vision-impaired students. At present the University library system does not offer any special facilities to such students. Current arrangements for taking examinations by vision impaired students (and others such as those who suffer from moto-nuropathy) and for transcribing their assignments and answer scripts are unsatisfactory and result in prolonged delays in the releasing of results. Far from adequate also are the facilities available to students with other forms of disability, such as access to buildings. Moreover most students with special needs incur additional expenses due to various impairments. We propose that the University set up its own unit for the production of Braille transcriptions and digital talking books, by expanding the facilities of the Resource Centre, which is currently under the care of the Department of Classical Languages, Faculty of Arts. We will be purchasing both ordinary equipment (such as Computers, Scanners, Furniture, Photocopy and Fax machines, Tape Recorders) as well as specially design equipment not available in the open market (such as Manual Braille Writing machines, Braille embosser and translation software, and equipment for making tactile diagrams). Students with Special needs in general and vision impaired students in particular will be provided with special training in ICT, in order to help them meet their informational needs. Vision impaired students will also be offered personal reader services to further their studies


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