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About the program


The overall vision and mission of the Department of Sociology are to achieve excellence in education and research in the fields of sociology and social anthropology and thereby to contribute to the understanding and solution of pressing social and economic problems in the country. The undergraduate teaching problem in Sociology aims at producing graduates who are able to identify, analyze and address issues from a sociological and social anthropological angle and, accordingly, compete successfully in the relevant job markets. They should also have the skills, attitudes and values required to play a productive and positive role in vital areas such as peace and social harmony, crime prevention, community health and development.
Against this background the objectives of the project are as follows:

Overall Objective of the Project

To improve the quality, scope, and relevance of undergraduate education in Sociology, taking into consideration the emerging needs of the country and the expressed of undergraduates, the teaching staff, and potential employers of graduates.

Specific objectives
  1. To upgrade the department's teaching and learning environment and physical facilities and develop its staff capacities
  2. To enhance the applied orientation of the Undergraduate teaching program by
    (a) Increasing students' field experience,
    (b) promoting suitable linkages between the university, surrounding communities, and development agencies.
Strategic Issues

The project addresses all specified strategic issues relating to the improved Quality and relevance of socio-cultural harmony, its efficiency and effectiveness, its sustainability and its organizational and management dimension.

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