"The Administration Division provides the essential services--people, facilities, and management--that support the living, learning, and working experiences for the university community."

The Administration Division encompasses a wide range of activities for the University of Peradeniya. Auxiliary Services include all over maintenance and repairs for all the University properties, postal services, Vehicle services and Staff housing of the university community. They also provide the logistical support for various university groups who support academic and supportive activities for the university.

The Administration Division also includes Campus Planning and Facility Design with a professional staff of surveyors, architects, designers, engineers, and project managers that make long term plans for the physical campus, new buildings and the renovation of the old. Real estate and property plans are developed through the Administration Division.

The administration Division provides Public Safety strives to maintain a safe and secure campus along with many service-related campus activities.

With the help of experience and knowledgeable staff, the whole goal is doing as satisfactory level, even the Division to provide more efficient and cost-effective, ever-improving service to every stakeholders, the reform process should be commence to challenge the new era.

Reforming university is a constant process requiring continuing innovation, creativity, and vigilance. It is also an effort greatly enhanced by the support and participation of the stakeholders themselves, and I welcome your ideas and input as we seek to implement reform.

We are the lifeblood of the campus. We make the education process a comfortable experience.

      Senior & Assistant Registrar +94-81239-2438
      Auxiliary Services (A2) +94-81239-2437
      Staff housing Service (A3) +94-81239-2437
      Contractual services & service agreements (A4) +94-81239-2437
      Transport Service (A5) (A8) +94-81239-2436
      Road, Water & Electricity Services ( A9) +94-81239-2436
      University lands (A10) +94-81239-2436
      Inventories for university Properties (A11) +94-81239-2436
      Condemn Articles (A7)) +94-81239-2437