Halls of Residence

    The University policy on student accommodation is administered by the Student Services Branch in accordance with the rules and regulations formulated by the University. The University provides residential facilities to most of the students. There are fifteen Halls of Residence and two Bhikku Hostels on the Campus which provide accommodation for around 5500 undergraduates which is nearly 55% of the student population. In addition, the hostel at the Agriculture Sub-Campus at Mahailuppallama provides accommodation for the first year agriculture students following practical classes in the sub-campus for a period of six months. This Sub-Campus is located about 130 km north of Peradeniya. Part-time Wardens from the senior academic staff are appointed by the University to be in charge of the maintenance of discipline in the halls of residence. They are assisted by permanent Sub-Wardens and Part-time Academic Sub-Wardens. The Halls of Residence consist of study-bedrooms which are shared by the students. A nominal fee per term is charged from students for the occupation of room. Meals are available at hall canteens and the cafeterias located in the University where food is provided by private caterers at prices fixed by the University.

The approximate numbers of students provided with accommodation in different halls of residence are given below:

No Halls of Residence Actual Capacity Bikku Male Female Total
1 Arunachalam Hall 189
2 Akbar Nell Hall 598
3 Jayathilake Hall 189
4 Marrs Hall 240
5 Marcus Fernando Hall 246
6 New Akbar Hall 129
7 Sarasaviuyana Hall 56
8 Hindagala Hall 56
9 James Peris Hall 222
10 Ramanathan Hall 1022
11 Sangamitta Hall 708
12 Hilda Obeysekara Hall 588
13 Wijewardana Hall 732
14 Ivor Jennings Hall 508
15 Kehelpannala  Bikku Hostel 18
16 Sangaramaya  Bikku Hostel 61
17 Mahailuppallama Hall 38 75
Total 79 2471 3125 5675