Telephone Directory

Within Kandy area: add 239 before the extension number

Outside Kandy area: add 081-239 before the extension number

Internationally: add +94 81 239 before the extension number

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Extension List

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Dean (Munasinghe Dr. DMS)5700
DL: 081-2388205 FAX: 081-2389136


Reception / Operator5700 - 5999
Operator (From other extensions) (Abeywickrama Mr. MGN)5001


Asst Registrar5707
Asst Bursar5716
Dean’s Secretary / Alahakoon Ms. MH5701
Examination Branch/ Abeyweera Ms. P5702
General services/ Abeywickrama Mr. MGN5703
Transport Branch/ Jayasinghe Mr. M 5720
Supply Division/ Ngahawatta Ms. LNP5731
Student Services Division / Galapitage Ms. S5732
Post Graduate Education Unit / Office5722
Audio Visual Unit/Rathnayake Mr. RMG5877
Computer Unit5880
Computer Unit5874
Computer Unit5882
Drivers’ Rest Room5938
Electrical Maintenance5849
Store Room5705
Printing unit5706
Students’ Union5949
Security (Main Entrance)5816

Department of Basic Veterinary Science

Head (Munasinghe Dr. DMS)5809
Jayasena Dr. NUA5802
Abeygunawardena Dr.(Mrs.) IS5801
Jayasekara Dr.(Mrs.) NK5803
Lokugalappaththi Dr. LGS5806
Computer Room 5812
Conference Room 5811
Physiology Lab 5805
Research Lab 5815
Dissection Room 5810
Technical Officers Room 5807
Confereance Room5834
Temporary Lecturers’ Room5814
Lecture Room5835
Main Lab5838
Staff Common Room5840

Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

Head (Arulkanthan Dr. A)5715
Student Laboratory5733

Centre for Aquatic Animal Disease Diagnosis and Reasearch – (CAADDR)

Coordinator/ Arulkanthan Dr. A5616
Office Ext 15603
Office Ext 25604
Dissanayake Dr. DRA5614
Fouzi Dr. MNM5605
Jagoda Dr. SSS se S5613
Advance Analitical Lab5612
Basic Diagnostic Lab5607
Bacteriology Lab5608
Histo Pathology Lab5611
Lecturer Hall5617
Parasitology Lab5610
Virology Lab 5609
Water Quality Lab5606

Division of Veterinary Parasitology

Rajapakse Prof. RPVJ5717
Molecular Parasitology Lab (Perera Mr. NAND)5719
Parasitology Staff Room 5721
Parasitology wet Lab 5710
Postgraduate Protein Room 5718
Cell Culture Lab5711

Division of Veterinary Pathology

Gunawardena Dr GSP de S5723
Staff Room5724
Immuno Histo-Chemistry Lab 5714
Phology Museum5726
Clinical Pathology Lab 5727
Histo Pathology Lab 5730
Rabies Control Unit5729
Wet Lab5728

Division of Veterinary Public Health & Pharmacology

Head (Kalupahana Dr. RS)5754
Abeynayakea Prof. P5750
Hathurusinghe Dr. MH5761
Dept. Office5751
Gunasena Mr. ARC5758
Chemical Laboratory 5763
Food Microbiology Laboratory 5756
Food Microbiology Corridor 5757
SPM & ELISA Laboratory 5759
Reception Room5752
HPLC & ELISA Room 5762
Staff Roo5755
Student Practical Laboratory 5764
Student Practical Laboratory 5765
Tea Room5753

Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Head (Silva Prof. ID)5866
Office of the Head of the Department 5868
Reception 5876
Dangolla Dr. A5879
Silva Prof. DDN de5875
Auditorium 5881
Audio Visual Room 5873
Clinicians' Room 15865
Clinicians' Room 25871
Clinicians' Quarters5888
Department Office/ Nandasena Mr. HM5869
Diagnostic Laboratory/ Mallawa Ms. MRCK5867
Hospital Wards 5887
Lobby - Ground Floor 5870
Quick Reference Lab 5861
Radiology Room 5864
Staff Computer Room 5878
Surgical Preparation Room 5863
Ultrasonography Lab/ Dissanayake Mr. SC5862

Department of Farm Animal Production and Health

Head (Alexander Dr. PABD)5936
Reception 5926
Computer Room5929
Staff Common Room5928
Fouzi Dr. MNM5927
Priyanka Ms. 5930
Abeygunawardene Prof. H5937
Silva Prof. LNA de5925
Gunarathne Prof. SP5927
Ambulatory Clinic 5934
Deepani Dr. MINAR5933
Animal Producton Laboratory 5921
Clinical Pathology Laboratory ( Ms. Deepika)5931
Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory 5923
Post Mortem Room 5935
Amarasinghe Dr. A5932


Library/ Premarathne Mr. Sunil5883
Library Staff Room5884

Audio Visual Unit