Telephone Directory

Within Kandy area: add 239 before the extension number

Outside Kandy area: add 081-239 before the extension number

Internationally: add +94 81 239 before the extension number

Administration (Senate Building) - Extension List

Administration (Senate Building)
Operator (from extensions 2300 - 2499)

Senate Building

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor (Dissanayake Prof. Upul)2300
Off. 081-2388151 Fax.081-239164
Res. 081-23880552062
Senior Personal Secretary to Vice Chancellor (Samarasekara Ms. KJ)2301
Visitors' Room2080
office 2887

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Deputy Vice-Chancellor ( Karunaratne Prof. S.H.P. Parakrama)2304
Off. 081-2389140
Personal Secretary to Deputy Vice-Chancellor ( Ms. )2305

Office of the Registrar

Registrar (Rajapaksha Mr. RVSP)2302
Off. 081-2387395
Personal Secretary to Registrar (Weerakoon Ms. D)2303

Academic Establishments Division

Deputy Registrar2339 /Mob. 0718009811
Office2340 /2341/2342
Fax. 0812392340

Council & Academic Division

Assistant Registrar 2344
Office2345 /2343

Corporate Management Division

Assistant Registrar2435

Capital & Rehabilitation Works Division

Senior Assistant Registrar (Ekanayake Mr. EMGMB)2450

General Services Division

Assistant Registrar2438
Off: 081-2388103
Assistant Registrar (Amarasena Mrs. T )2437
Printing & Binding Unit2430
Postal Unit2434

Internal Audit Division

Deputy Internal Auditor ( Arampath Mr. AMNB Arampath)2362
Senior Assistant Internal Auditor (Weerasekara Mr. WAGT)2363

Legal and Documentation Division

Senior Assistant Registrar (Wickramasinghe Mrs. WARC)2432

Non-Academic Establishment Division

Assistant Registrar2441

Marshal Division

Chief Marshal ( Werahera Mr. WAA)2423
Office 2423

Public Relations Division

Public Relations Officer (Godamunne Mr. DRGK)2307

Statistics & Information Division

Statistical Officer (Atapattu Mrs. AAKU)2433

Student Services Division

Deputy Registrar2431
Senior Assistant Bursar (Patirana Mr. YR)2431

Student Registration Division

Deputy Registrar2324

Government Audit Division

Government Audit Superintendent(D/L081-2388931)2360

International Research Center.

Director Student Accommodation

Director (Siriwardana Mr. AN)2328

Web Developer

Bandara Mr. KPGJK2329


Senate Record Room 2499
Senate Security Check Point2310
Store Keeper/ General Stores2099
Committee Room2306

Financial Administation

Bursar (Edirisinghe Mr. EARM)
Off:081-2388104 Fax:081-2388082 Res:081-22040862400
Financial Administration / General2404
Deputy Bursar/ Salary/Provident Fund 2417
Deputy Bursar/ Final Accounts/ Bond/Audit/Revenue (Uapananda Mr. DD)2407
Deputy Bursar/ Payments/Faculty Operation2416
Assistant Bursar/Research Grants and Publication/Stores Management2402
Senior Assistant Bursar/ Local Supplies2883
Assistant Bursar /Foreign Supply (Pathirana Mrs. YR)2406
Programmer Cum System Analyst2405
Provident Fund/ Salary2410
Research / Fixed Assets/ Capital Payment2412
Book Keeping Branch2408
Local Supplies Branch2413
Payment Unit/ Payment/Faculty Operation2409
Capital Payment Unit / Payment2403
Salaries Unit/ Salary/Provident Fund2414
Shroff Counter / Payment2420
Computer Branch2411