Covid-19 Management

COVID Intermediate Care Centre, University of Peradeniya

With the escalating number of infections of COVID-19 within the university community and the healthcare facilities dwindling in Kandy area, the need of intermediate care centre to treat and take care of patients arose. In this backdrop, University of Peradeniya embarked on establishing a Covid Intermediate Care Centre in May 2021 to cater to the infected staff, students, and their immediate family members of the University under the directions of the COVID Management Committee of the University. The Centre located in Mahakanda, nearly 5 km away from the main university area is a male university hostel that was temporarily repurposed within nearly one month with the financial assistance provided by the Alumni Associations of the University. The Centre is entirely managed by the staff of the University Health Centre on the advice of consultant physicians and pediatricians attached to the Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya.

The Centre is equipped with all the basic healthcare facilities and is on par with the facilities available at COVID Management Intermediate Care Centres managed by the Ministry of Health. The staff of the Centre includes a Chief Medical Officer, 2 physicians, a Public Health Inspector, nine nursing staff members, eight attendants, six drivers with two ambulances working on a roster round the clock. The Centre, which came into operation on 2nd of June 2021 has so far treated more than 200 patients.

The cases reported from among the students, staff and their family members are tested and admitted to the Centre for treatment where the patients are generally managed for two weeks. The in-ward patients are looked after by the resident staff while the emergencies are managed with assistance from the physicians attached to the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital.

An in-house cafeteria provides food for the in-ward patients for a nominal price on demand. The patients are provided with the option of settling the bill at the time of discharge. Family members of the patients are permitted to bring in food and other essentials which can be handed over to the security post located at the entrance of the centre. The COVID Management Committee of the University monitors the Centre and provides guidance and directions to uplift its standards of the centre.

The donors and well-wishers are invited to contribute to the fund. Furthermore, donations of food items and/or any other essentials can be made in consultation of the Chief Medical Officer on Whatsapp (071-802 8724). The donations can be handed over to the PRO's Office located in the Senate Building of the University.

A bank account is maintained at Peoples' Bank, Peradeniya in order to collect funds. The details of the bank account are as follows;

Account number 057-1001-51338031
Account name - Research and fund Account, Bursar, University of Peradeniya
Branch name - Peoples' bank , Peradeniya.

Please make sure that the transfer/deposit slip mentions the purpose as “Covid relief UOP”.Please make sure that you forward details of your contribution (photograph/pdf/ email of the bank transfer) to the following email address

This is strictly necessary to enable allocation of these funds from the given account, to be used specifically for the said purpose.

Let's join hands to defeat the virus and be the first community to stop the spread of the virus.

There is an urgent need of twenty five pulse oximeters for halls of residences. Donors can donate these to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor's office.
Guidlines to Prevent the spread of COVID-19 in workplace