History 1942-1952

The University of Ceylon at its inception in 1942 was an institution of very modest proportions consisting of four faculties, viz., Arts, Oriental Studies, Science and Medicine, of which the first three were located at Thurstan Road (now Cumaratunga Munidasa Mawata) while the Faculty of Medicine was located at Kynsey Road. In 1942 there were only 55 staff members in all 4 Faculties, which consisted of 41 academic departments: 15 Professors, 20 Lecturers, 8 Assistant Lecturers and 12 others. There were 904 students distributed among the 4 Faculties in the following manner: Arts and Oriental Studies - 396, Science - 250, Medicine - 268. The Library was small with a collection of 30,000 volumes..

During the period 1942-51 the university experienced a phase of impressive growth in many respects. In 1950 the Faculty of Engineering was established. The following table reflects the status of the university in 1951:

The University is located in Peradeniya in the Central Province, which bares lush greenery vegetation and mist-clad mountains, approximately 6 km from the City of Kandy, the historic Capital of the last independent Kingdom and 110 km from Colombo, Capital of Sri Lanka, and can be reached within two to three hours by public road or by railway.