Capital Project Unit Works Department

The key function of the Capital Project Unit of the Works Department is the management of Capital Projects in the University. The project management has to be implemented under three stages of a project, namely Initial Stage, Design/Pre-contract stages and Construction Stage and defects and liability period of a project. how about, The implementation of a project takes place at three stages, namely i. the Initial Stage, ii. the Design/Pre-contract stage and iii. the Construction Stage and defects and liability period of a project

During the initial stage of a project the viability of the project needs to be assessed and the Unit assists the University in the preparation of the Preliminary Proposal for the project.

During the Design/Pre-contract stage of a project the unit prepares the Client’s Brief for the project and advises the University on the site location and suitability. After that the unit assists the University in the selection of the Consultant and makes arrangement for site investigation. The other major responsibilities of the unit during the Design/Pre-contract stage include preparing a master programme for the design and construction phases; communicating with and coordinating all parties concerned; holding progress review meetings as and when necessary; reviewing design output to ensure the achievement of project objectives in terms of the requirements of the University and the project budget; obtaining the approval of the University for the design outputs; assisting the university in obtaining planning approval and building regulations approval for the project and assisting the university and the Consultant in the appointment of contractors and specialist sub-contractors.

During the construction stage and defects and liability period of a project, it is essential to monitor the progress of work and costs of the project and report on it to the university on a regular basis under three categories, namely expenditure against budget and estimated cost of completion; actual progress compared to the programme; and defining the work still to be completed and regularly updating the schedule and budgets.

The Capital Project Unit communicates with and coordinates all parties involved; holds regular progress meetings; and coordinates, directs and inspects all construction work.

The other major responsibilities of the unit are:

  • Making arrangements for the work to be measured
  • Valuing and certifying the work for payments to be made in accordance with the terms of the contract
  • Ensuring the safety and security of the site
  • Taking steps to assure quality of construction works
  • Ensuring that all final inspection and tests are carried out prior to commissioning
  • Assisting the University in carrying out commissioning
  • Issuing all certificates required under the conditions of contract on behalf of the University
  • Monitoring the works during defects and liability period and inspect at the expiration of this time

    • Staff of the Capital Project Unit Works Department