Marshal Division

The Key functions of the Marshal Unit are to plan, organize, and implement all possible preventive measures to minimize ragging and all forms of student misconduct to help the university realizes its mission. The Marshal Unit which comes under the direct purview of the Deputy Vice Chancellor maintains student discipline by keeping a twenty four hour vigil in the university and monitoring activities and students’ behavior in faculties, centers, hostels, the gymnasium and play grounds.

It also assists Deans, the Proctor, Deputy Proctors and wardens in maintaining student discipline and provides all logistic support including secretarial service in conducting disciplinary inquiries. Further, the unit assists the university security division to ensure the security of the immovable and moveable properties including the security of staff and students. The Marshal Unit plays the role of the liaison officer in matters related to improving student welfare, accommodation, services afforded in cafeteria, sports facilities, health care and cultural programmes.

Another task of this unit is to remain vigilant and monitor all student activities outside the university premises and assists the police in maintaining law and order during university activities.

Staff of the Marshal Division