Security Division

The Security division of The University of Peradeniya is a permanent service comprising a Chief Security Officer (this post is vacant at present), Deputy Chief Security Officer, Security Inspectors and Security Guards. This service is made available throughout the day according to a shift duty system. The Security division is bound to be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar concerning the security of the University.

The main duty of The security division is to provide security to the entire university premises which is more than 1750 acres in extent, buildings covering an area of about 500 acres, encompassing the senate (main centre of administration), main library, maintenance unit, health center, gymnasium and sports venues, 17 hostels, 8 faculties, more than 400 official quarters categorized as A, B, C, D, E and F and their inmates, not to mention approximately 12000 undergraduates. In addition, Dodangolla farm and Mahailuppallama campus of the Faculty of Agriculture are also under the purview of the Security division. Action has been taken to obtain the services of private sector Security Organizations due to the inadequacy of permanent security staff.

On the whole the duties assigned to The Security Division, in brief, are as follows:

  • Arrangement of security measures to protect the entire university by way of guard points and mobile patrolling.
  • Identification of problems faced by tutorial staff, students and employees and providing security for them.
  • Investigating into the complaints received and submitting a report to the administration.
  • Taking necessary steps relating to thefts and prevention of thefts.
  • Prevention of fire and taking precautionary measures.
  • Taking necessary steps concerning the security of the university by keeping close contacts with the police.
  • Providing the security necessary for convocations, various functions, exhibitions and workshops organized by the university.
  • Taking action with regard discipline of students.
  • Taking action to find solutions for the problems at hostels, those arise among or caused by inmates of hostels and problems arising within the hostels.
  • Investigating into the complaints received about the security of lecturers and staff members who are in occupation of quarters and taking necessary steps to solve problems relating to these quarters.
  • Making The Vice-Chancellor aware of the day to day incidents by providing a routine report.

  • Staff of the Security Division