Statistics & Information Unit

The key function of the Statistics and Information Unit is to collect and store statistics and information for the benefit of researchers and decision makers. This unit liaises with all other Faculties /Units /Centers/ Divisions in order to maintain a continuous flow of information.

Providing information and Statistics on requests made by individuals and Institutions is regularly attended by the Unit. Specially Statistical reports are prepared for the UGC, Labour Department, Central Bank, Department of Census and Statistics, Census of Public and Semi Government Sector Employment. Carry out the Census of Population, Employment Survey for the University community on request of the Department of Census and Statistics are done by this Unit. Submission of Information on staff for the Common Wealth Year book is also functioned by this Unit.

The publications such as University Calendar, Annual Report, and Handbooks for University Employees, University Prospectus, Newsletter, Statistical Handbook, Telephone Directory, Circular books, etc. are collated in this Unit.

The data bases of Staff, Students, all Heads of Academic Departments and Non Academic Divisions, Wardens and Student Counselors are maintained and updated in this Unit. A comprehensive database of all Alumni is also updated.

Another task of this Unit is providing assist to the web committee to maintain an update web site of the University. The Web Committee which includes all Faculty and other sectional representatives support the University Web Developer to maintain an updated web site of the University.

Staff of the Statistics & Information Unit