Academic Establishment Division

Ms. M.L.W.O.M.Karunaratne Senior Assistant Registrar 0812392340
Mrs. Sithumini Wijerathne
Assistant Registrar


The Academic Establishments Division is one of the most important Divisions in the University. Presently the entire Department is managed by two officers one at the Senior Assistant Registrar level and the other at the Assistant Registrar level with the assistance of several Management Assistants.

The primary function of the Establishments Division is the recruitment of qualified staff and retaining them in the service in line with the corporate goals of the University. The Establishments Division also assists the University Council in the development, maintenance, and interpretation of human resources management procedures in accordance with the Establishment Code and Rule and Regulations of the University Grants Commission and Administrative policies of the University.

This Division not only recruits teaching staff but also performs all functions necessary to promote them to higher grades. It also completes various tasks related to the payment of annual salary increments. The Division also takes action to grant the members of the Academic staff various types of leave they are entitled to.

In addition to performing the above functions, the Division is also responsible for advertising the academic cadre positions vacant in the Departments of different Faculties in the newspapers as well as on the University website twice a year, i.e. in January and July.

Moreover, the Division maintains the personal files of the academic staff members and academic support staff. The Academic Establishments Division also updates information on approved cadres and makes requests to the UGC for additional cadre positions.
Academic Establishments Division is pleased to provide the Rules and Regulations that are currently in force so that the members of staff can select and follow the correct procedures in matters related to their employment, with, in turn, will enable the Division to offer a better and more efficient service for them.

  • Main Functions of the Department


    • Determining the cadre requirements of academic, academic support staff
  • Updating and maintaining cadre statistics of Academic staff, academic support staff and temporary academic staff 
  • Handling all matters pertaining to recruitment, confirmation, annual increments, promotion, extension of services and termination of staff
  • Maintaining personal files of all academic, , temporary and academic support staff 
  • Handling matters relating to leave, training and scholarships etc. of academic and academic support staff
  • Attending to staff welfare matters such as loans, long service awards, railway warrants, season tickets, health insurance, , vehicle permits and issuing service certificates etc.
  • Handling matters relating to payment of Research Allowance to eligible staff
  • Handling matters relating to salary revisions/rectification of salaries of staff
  • Handling/ coordinating all disciplinary matters of staff
  • Attending to matters relating to retirement benefits of staff, i.e. UPF, EPF, ETF, Pensions Fund etc. on cessation of their employment
  • Handling matters relating to appointment of Academic staff  and Academic Supportive on contractual and assignment basis
  • Handling matters relating to appointments to academic positions such as; Heads of Academic Departments,.
  • Coordinating matters relating to trade union issues
  • Coordinating and conducting recruitment examinations/ trade tests for academic support staff
  • Handling all administrative functions of Bonds and Agreements including Bond violation of university Academic staff.
  • Attending to litigation matters with regard to Academic staff  and Academic Supportive staff recruitment and termination of services
Convening the meetings of the Leave and Awards Committee and follow up action

Application forms/ Information

  • Applications

    2.Check list

    • Acquisition of Motor vehicle on concessionary terms
    • Sabbatical Leave
    • Study Leave
    • Release of ETF
    • Release of UPF

    3.Overseas Leave System

Staff Members

  • Mrs. M G R C P K Gamlath – Senior staff  management assistant
  • Mr. A M T K Weerasooriya – Senior staff management assistant
  • Mr. R W M G Abeybandara – Senior staff management assistant
  • Mrs. I A M T Illuktenna     – Management assistant (Gr.III)
  • Mrs. P N E Perumbadage – Management assistant (Gr.III)
  • Mr. W A A S Senevirathna – Management assistant(Gr.III)
  • Mrs. K W B M N E Kumari – Management assistant (Gr.III)
  • Mrs. M R N Sabira – Management assistant (Gr.III)
  • Mrs. H G K S Sewwandi – Management assistant (Gr.III)
  • Mrs. R M J M Rathnayake – Management assistant (Gr.III)
  • Mr. G K Gambarapitiya – Management assistant (Gr.III)
  • Ms. R M D S Weerakoon – Management assistant (Gr.III)
  • Mr. C Akshaikumar     – Management assistant (Gr.III)
  • Mr. J M P K B Jayasundara- Management assistant (Gr.III)
  • Ms. T N V Thalawala – Management assistant (Gr.III)
  • Mrs. D G N NBandara – –Staff assistant
  • Mr. A M I A Abeykoon – Works aid
  • Mr. H A C Kumara – Works aid 
  • Mrs. D T Nagoda – Works aid