Teaching Staff (by Department)

Department of Agricultural Biology

Name Faculty
Dr. K.S. HemachandraFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. D.C. BandaraFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. V.A. SumanasingheFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. D.M.D. CostaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. H.M.V.G. HerathFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. S.A.C.N. PereraFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. N.U. JayawardanaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. D.V. JayatilakeFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. V.N.S. SirimalwattaFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. W.H. JayasingheFaculty of Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Biology

Name Faculty
Dr. K.S. HemachandraFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. D.C. BandaraFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. V.A. SumanasingheFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. D.M.D. CostaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. H.M.V.G. HerathFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. S.A.C.N. PereraFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. N.U. JayawardanaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. D.V. JayatilakeFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. V.N.S. SirimalwattaFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. W.H. JayasingheFaculty of Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Economics and Business Management

Name Faculty
Prof. S.S. KodithuwakkuFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. J. WeerahewaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. L.H.P. GunaratneFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. S. KumarFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. P. WeligamageFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. D.V.P. PrasadaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. S.D.S. HemachandraFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. P. Korale GedaraFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. S.A. WeerasooriyaFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. H. RathnasekeraFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. V. JayaweeraFaculty of Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Engineering

Name Faculty
Dr. S.PathmarajahFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. K.G.A. GoonasekaraFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. E.R.N.GunawardenaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. B.F.A.BasnayakeFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. R.P. De SilvaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. D.A.N.DharmasenaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. M.I.M. MowjoodFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. K.S.P.AmarathungaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. N.D.K. DayawansaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. D.N.JayatissaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. A.K.KarunarathneFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. N.K.WijewardenaFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. R.M.R.D. AbeyrathneFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. F.H.C.A. SilvaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. J. MannapperumaFaculty of Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Extension

Name Faculty
Dr. L.N.A.C. JayawardenaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. H.V.A. WickramasuriyaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. Uvasara DissanayekeFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. R.M.S. WijerathnaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. J.M.P.N. AnuradhaFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. S.M.S.P. KumaraFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. S.A.K. RathnayakeFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. P.C.B. AlahakoonFaculty of Agriculture

Department of Animal Science

Name Faculty
Dr. A.R.S.B. AthaudaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. M.P.B. WijayagunawardaneFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. G.L.L.P. SilvaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. C.M.B. DematawewaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. K. SamarasingheFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. J.K. VidanarachchiFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. B.C. JayawardenaFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. M.B.P. Kumara MahipalaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. T.S. SamarakoneFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. R.M.C. DeshapriyaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. K.K.S.P. KodituwakkuFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. S.M.C. HimaliFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. P.H.P. PrasannaFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. H.K.A. PremachandraFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. E.T.S. MadubhashiniFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. P. WeththasingheFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. W.N.U. PereraFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. W.E.M.L.J. EkanayakeFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. S.G.V.B. WarnasooriyaFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. W.M.P. HulugallaFaculty of Agriculture
Ms.K.L.P. SubhashiniFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. K.H.S. SirisenaFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. M.A.G.H. KumarajeewaFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. T.H.N. PrathibhaFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. D.S.D.D.S. WickramasingheFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. A.M. WickramasingheFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. A.N. DodantennaFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. M.K.H.M. DiasFaculty of Agriculture

Department of Crop Science

Name Faculty
Dr. W.M.T.P. AriyarathneFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. W.A.J.M. De CostaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. P.W.M.B. MarambeFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. S. SamithaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. D.K.N.G. PushpakumaraFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. W.A.P. WeerakkodyFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. T. SivananthawerlFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. N.A.A.S.P. NissankaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. B.M.L.D.B. SuriyagodaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. J.P. EeswaraFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. D.R.R.M. FonsekaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. H.M.G.S.B. HitinayakeFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. B.L. PeirisFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. A.J. MohottiFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. C.K. BeneragamaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. R.H.G. RanilFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. K.W.L.K. WeerasingheFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. D.M.S.B. DissanayakaFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. L.M. RankothFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. L.V.Y. WeerarathneFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. H.G.J.J. KumaraFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. H.M.P.C. KumarihamiFaculty of Agriculture

Department of Food Science and Technology

Name Faculty
Dr. B.E.P. MendisFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. U. SamarajeewaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. D.C.K.IlleperumaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. W.M.T. MadhujithFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. D.G.N.G.WijesingheFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. K.M.S.WimalasiriFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. P.C. ArampathFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. B.D.R. PrasanthaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. R.P.N.P. RajapakseFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. N.Y.JayanathFaculty of Agriculture
Miss. J. BrasatheFaculty of Agriculture
Miss. M. HarthikaFaculty of Agriculture
Miss. S. M. D. DeminiFaculty of Agriculture
Miss. W. D. N. WickramasingheFaculty of Agriculture
Miss. W. A. S. T. WickramasingheFaculty of Agriculture
Miss. N. H. G. T. MadushaniFaculty of Agriculture
Miss. M. MahendranathanFaculty of Agriculture
Miss. S. M. K. RathnayakeFaculty of Agriculture

Department of Soil Scince

Name Faculty
Dr. W.S. DandeniyaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. K.A. NandasenaFaculty of Agriculture
Prof. R.M.C.P. RajapakshaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. W.A.U. VitharanaFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. R.S. DharmakeerthiFaculty of Agriculture
Dr. A.M.C.P.K. AttanayakeFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. P.D.B.J. PalihakkaraFaculty of Agriculture
Mr. V.G.D. NayanakaFaculty of Agriculture
Ms. H.G.K. HiranthikaFaculty of Agriculture

Department of Mahailluppallama Teaching Unit

Name Faculty

Department of Medical Laboratory Science

Name Faculty
Dr. Malka P.S. MudaligeFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Prof. H.M.T.U. HerathFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. M.D.M.L.D.K. YatawaraFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. R.P. IlleperumaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. K.L.T.D JayawardeneFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. W. KudagammanaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms Charitha MendisFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms Shyamali ThilakarathneFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. R.M.H. RathnayakeFaculty of Allied Health Sciences

Department of Pharmacy

Name Faculty
Prof. D.B.Mahinda WickamarathneFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. A.C.M FahimFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr.H.M.D.R HerathFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. M.H.F.SakeenaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. Lochana MenikarachchiFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. N.R. AmarasingheFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. L.C.P.T.LiyanaarachchieFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. Imalka U.P.K TennakoonFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. S.H.Thilini SudeshikaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Dhakshila NiyangodaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Ruwani SuraweeraFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Mr. N.M.Y BagyawanthaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences

Department of Physiotherapy

Name Faculty
Mr. A.L.I PrasannaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Surangika Imanthi WadugodapitiyaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Esther Isaiah LiyanageFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Thusharika Dilrukshi DissanayakeFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Ishanka WeerasekaraFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Mr. Mayooran SithravelayuthanFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Dilhari SenarathFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. V.V. SenadheeraFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. V.M.B.K.T.MalwanageFaculty of Allied Health Sciences

Department of Nursing

Name Faculty
Dr. Malshani L.PathirathnaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. H.D.W.T. DasanayakeFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Mr. Sarath RathnayakeeFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Mrs. A.M.S. DeepanieFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. A.Y.R. AthukoralaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Mrs. Nadeeka GunarathanaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Mr. Chaminda RathnayakeFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Mrs. Jeewanthi EkanayakaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Mrs. P.A.D PereraFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Anuradha RathnayakeFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. H.M.R.K.G.NandasenaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. A.M.M.P.AtapattuFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. B.R.G.T.K. WeerasinghaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Sujeewa Dilhani MaithreepalaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences

Department of Radiography/Radiotherapy

Name Faculty
Dr. Sunil KulathungaFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. M.A.J.C. MarasingheFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. Mohan Lal JayatilakeFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. U.J.M.A.L. JayasingheFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. Bimali Sanjeevani WeerakoonFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Mrs. U.M.U.W.JayasekaraFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. M.G.R.S.PereraFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. L.P. Givanthika SherminieFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Mr. L.ThasanthanFaculty of Allied Health Sciences
Ms. Lakmini Udayangani ChandrasiriFaculty of Allied Health Sciences

Department of Arabic and Islamic Civilization

Name Faculty
Mr. M.L.M.HaniffaFaculty of Arts
Mr. M.S.A.BarieFaculty of Arts
Dr. M.Z.M. NafeelFaculty of Arts
Mr.M.A.M.YaseerFaculty of Arts
Dr. M.S.M. SaleemFaculty of Arts
Mr.S.M.ThameemFaculty of Arts

Department of Archeology

Name Faculty
Prof. R.M.M. ChandraratneFaculty of Arts
Dr D.K. JayaratneFaculty of Arts
Dr. M.W.C.N.K. Rambukwella (on leave)Faculty of Arts
Dr. A.M.P. SenanayakeFaculty of Arts
Dr. A.S.T. RajapakseFaculty of Arts
Dr. A.G.D.N. KarunarathnaFaculty of Arts
Prof. P.L. PrematillekeFaculty of Arts
Prof. S.D.S. SeneviratneFaculty of Arts
Prof. Senarat ParanavitanaFaculty of Arts

Department of Classical Languages

Name Faculty
Dr. Rohana SeneviratneFaculty of Arts
Prof. Chandima WickramasingheFaculty of Arts
Dr. Varunadatta EdirisingheFaculty of Arts
Dr. Sanath WijesundaraFaculty of Arts
Rev. Jambugahapitiye DhammalokaFaculty of Arts
Muditha DharmasiriFaculty of Arts
Ruwantha KulatungaFaculty of Arts

Department of Economics and Statistics

Name Faculty
Snr. Prof. A.S.P. AbhayratneFaculty of Arts
Prof. D.N.B. GunewardenaFaculty of Arts
Prof. O.G. Dayaratna BandaFaculty of Arts
Prof. W.L.P. PereraFaculty of Arts
Prof. J.M. Ananda JayawickramaFaculty of Arts
Prof. P.P.A.W. AthukoralaFaculty of Arts
Prof. S. VijesandiranFaculty of Arts
Dr. C.R. AbayasekaraFaculty of Arts
Dr. John NigelFaculty of Arts
Dr. S. SivarajasinghamFaculty of Arts
Dr. H.M.W.A. HerathFaculty of Arts
Mr. K. GnaneswaranFaculty of Arts
Mr. T. RajeswaranFaculty of Arts
Ms. Shobana RajendranFaculty of Arts
Dr. J.G. Sri RanjithFaculty of Arts
Ms. A.V.K. MadhavieFaculty of Arts
Dr. M.B. RanathilakaFaculty of Arts
Dr. S.S.K.B.M. DorabawilaFaculty of Arts
Dr. S.J. Suresh de MelFaculty of Arts
Dr. A.D.H.K. KankanamgeFaculty of Arts
Ms. K.M.R. KarunarathneFaculty of Arts
Ms. T.N. VidanageFaculty of Arts
Dr. Thanabalasingam VinayagathasanFaculty of Arts
Mr. R.K.M. RajapakshaFaculty of Arts
Ms. S. PriyatharsinyFaculty of Arts
Ms. L.C. WeragodaFaculty of Arts
Mr. Navin ThattilFaculty of Arts

Department of Education

Department of English

Department of Fine Arts

Department of Geography

Department of History

Name Faculty
Professor N. A. WimalasenaFaculty of Arts
Dr.M. Sriyani GunarathneFaculty of Arts
Mrs.R.HettiarachchiFaculty of Arts
Dr. Madurawala SobhithaFaculty of Arts
Dr. Sumudu Manori DharmarathneFaculty of Arts
K.M. Rohitha DasanayakaFaculty of Arts
Miss S.A.C. FeroziyaFaculty of Arts
Ms. A.M.M. ChandrikaFaculty of Arts
Mrs. Subashani HewawasamFaculty of Arts
Ramesha Dulani JayaneththiFaculty of Arts
Mr. G. JeyatheeswaranFaculty of Arts

Department of Management Studies

Name Faculty
Ms. M. RanasingheFaculty of Management
Ms.R.M.C. KumariFaculty of Management
Ms.HHAJ GunatissaFaculty of Management
Ms. Adeesha Hansani JayarathnaFaculty of Management
Mr.T.S.S.FernandoFaculty of Management
Ms. A.S.ShiromyFaculty of Management
Mr. D. I. J. SamaranayakeFaculty of Management

Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies

Department of Philosophy and Psychology

Name Faculty

Department of Political Science

Name Faculty
Dr. Athula WithanawasamFaculty of Arts
Prof. G.D.R.U. AbeyrathneFaculty of Arts
Dr. A.K. Jeewaka Saman KumaraFaculty of Arts
Mr. W.K. Ranjith DickwellaFaculty of Arts
Mr. M. M. IhjasFaculty of Arts
Dr. Malini BalamayuranFaculty of Arts
Dr. Athambawa SarjoonFaculty of Arts
Dr. S. BaskaranFaculty of Arts
Dr. Ramasamy RameshFaculty of Arts
Mr. N.SivakumarFaculty of Arts
Mr. S.K. WalakulugeFaculty of Arts
Ms. Hasini LecamwasamFaculty of Arts
Miss. Jasmiya KanagarathnamFaculty of Arts
Mr. K. SatheeswaranFaculty of Arts
Ms. Chamalie AthukoralaFaculty of Arts
Miss. K.B.G.M PriyanwadaFaculty of Arts

Department of Sociology

Name Faculty
Dr. W. M. S. M. Kumari ThoradeniyaFaculty of Arts
Senior Prof. Daya AmarasekaraFaculty of Arts
Prof. Mallika PinnawalaFaculty of Arts
Mr. W. A. S. N. WijesingheFaculty of Arts
Dr. M.G. ManurathneFaculty of Arts
Dr. R. M. AbeyrathneFaculty of Arts
Dr. Sarath GamlathFaculty of Arts
Dr. H. M. K. Shantha WanninayakeFaculty of Arts
Dr. Upali WeerakoonFaculty of Arts
Dr. Dhammika HerathFaculty of Arts
Mr. Thushara KamalrathnaFaculty of Arts
Mr. Susantha RasnayakeFaculty of Arts
Dr. P. K. SeelagamaFaculty of Arts
Mrs. D. Kowsalya DuraisamyFaculty of Arts
Miss. H. D. P. PremarathneFaculty of Arts
Mr. A.K.A.S. GnanaratneFaculty of Arts
Ms. Rizmina RilwanFaculty of Arts

Department of Tamil

Name Faculty

Department of Basic Sciences

Name Faculty
Prof. H.R.D.PeirisFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof. C.D. NanayakkaraFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof. J.A.C.K. JayawardanaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof. Sajjiv AriyasingheFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof.A.K.S. ArambawattaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. R.W. PallegamaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. B.M.H.S.K. BannehakaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. Madhavi ParanagamaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr.B.G.T.L. NandasenaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. H.M.R.W. AngammanaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. N.S. PiyarathneFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. H.M.R.W. AngammanaFaculty of Dental Sciences

Department of Community Dental Health

Name Faculty
Dr.V.S.N.VithanaarachchiFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof.S.L. EkanayakeFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof.S.P.N.P. NagarathneFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. V.VijayakumaranFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. E.M.U.C.K.HerathFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr.WBMCRD WeerasekaraFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr.HSK RatnathilakaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr.HMSC DissanayakeFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr.B.K.G. ThilakarathneFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr.DJ EpasinghaFaculty of Dental Sciences

Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology

Name Faculty
Prof. JAMS JayatilakeFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof. Aruni TilakaratneFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof.Ruwan D. JayasingheFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof. G.J. PanagodaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof. H.N.S. SoyzaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr.HMTDK HerathFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. P.V.K.S. HettiarachchiFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr.Dhanushka Leuke BandaraFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. Sumudu MedawelaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. K.M.C.P. KumariFaculty of Dental Sciences

Department of Oral Pathology

Name Faculty
Prof.EAPD AmarathungaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof.W.M.TilakaratneFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof.BSMS SiriwardenaFaculty of Dental Sciences
prof. PR JayasooriyaFaculty of Dental Sciences

Department of Oral & Masillofacial Surgery

Name Faculty
Dr.WMPSK WijekoonFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. AM AttygallaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. P.S.K. NanayakkaraFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr Nadeena JayasuriyaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr.KGKD KapugamaFaculty of Dental Sciences

Department of Prosthetic Dentistry

Name Faculty
Dr. Manori JayasingheFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. Vajira JayasingheFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr.(Ms)IP ThilakumaraFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. R.M.S.G.k RasnayakeFaculty of Dental Sciences

Department of Restorative Dentistry

Name Faculty
Dr.MCN FonsekaFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof.KM WijerathneFaculty of Dental Sciences
Prof.KA WettasingheFaculty of Dental Sciences
Dr.DI AmaratungaFaculty of Dental Sciences

Department of Chemical and Process Engineering

Name Faculty
Dr. C. S. KalpageFaculty of Engineering
Prof. Rajaratnam ShanthiniFaculty of Engineering
Prof. D G G P KarunaratneFaculty of Engineering
Dr. Anushka ElangasingheFaculty of Engineering
Dr. Aruna ManipuraFaculty of Engineering
Dr. Maheshi DanthurebandaraFaculty of Engineering
Dr. Achala PallegedaraFaculty of Engineering
Ms. Thushari AriyarathnaFaculty of Engineering
Ms. Wasantha MenikeFaculty of Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Name Faculty
DR. A.G.H.J. EDIRISINGHEFaculty of Engineering
PROF. S.B.S. ABAYAKOONFaculty of Engineering
PROF. S. B. WEERAKOONFaculty of Engineering
PROF. K. D. W. NANDALALFaculty of Engineering
PROF. K.P.P. PATHIRANAFaculty of Engineering
PROF. J.J. WIJETUNGEFaculty of Engineering
PROF. U. DE S. JAYAWARDENAFaculty of Engineering
PROF. G.B.B. HERATHFaculty of Engineering
MR. H. ABEYRUWANFaculty of Engineering
DR. A. L. M. MAUROOFFaculty of Engineering
DR. K.R.B. HERATHFaculty of Engineering
DR. I.M.S. SATHYAPRASADFaculty of Engineering
DR. U. I. DISSANAYAKEFaculty of Engineering
DR. L.C. KURUKULASURIYAFaculty of Engineering
DR.(MRS)D. DE S. UDAKARAFaculty of Engineering
Dr. P.B.G. DissanayakeFaculty of Engineering
DR. A.M.R.G. ATHAPATHTHUFaculty of Engineering
DR(MRS) S. R. HERATHFaculty of Engineering
DR. K.B.S.N. JINADASAFaculty of Engineering
DR. W.M.V.S.K. WICKRAMASINGHEFaculty of Engineering
DR. (MRS) H. K. NANDALALFaculty of Engineering
DR.(MRS). K.G.N.NANAYAKKARAFaculty of Engineering
DR. (MRS).C.K. PATHIRANAFaculty of Engineering
DR. H.D. YAPAFaculty of Engineering
DR. (MS.) W.C.T.K. GUNAWARDANAFaculty of Engineering
DR. DHAMMIKA ABEYKOONFaculty of Engineering
DR. CHAMINDU DEEPAGODA T.K.K.Faculty of Engineering
DR. M. C. M. NASVIFaculty of Engineering
DR. CHAMINDA S. BANDARAFaculty of Engineering
DR. LASHITHA RATHNAYAKEFaculty of Engineering
DR. J.A.S.C.JAYASINGHEFaculty of Engineering
DR. S.K.NAVARATNARAJAHFaculty of Engineering
DR. H. A. D. SAMITH BUDDIKAFaculty of Engineering
DR. PANDUKA NELUWALAFaculty of Engineering
MRS. G. M. P. R. WEERAKOONFaculty of Engineering
MR. D.D. DIASFaculty of Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering

Name Faculty
Dhammika ElkaduweFaculty of Engineering
Asitha BandaranayakeFaculty of Engineering
Shirley Devapriya DewasurendraFaculty of Engineering
Sampath DeegallaFaculty of Engineering
Damayanthi HerathFaculty of Engineering
Suneth Namal KarunarathnaFaculty of Engineering
Ziyan MaraikarFaculty of Engineering
Swarnalatha RadhakrishnanFaculty of Engineering
Roshan G. RagelFaculty of Engineering
Krishanthmohan RatnamFaculty of Engineering
Kamalanath SamarakoonFaculty of Engineering
Manjula SandirigamaFaculty of Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Name Faculty
Prof. M.A.R.M. FernandoFaculty of Engineering
Prof. J.B. EkanayakeFaculty of Engineering
Prof. K.M. LiyanageFaculty of Engineering
Prof. D.N. UduwawalaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. S.G. AbeyratneFaculty of Engineering
Dr. Prabath J. BinduhewaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. Maheshi B. DissanayakeFaculty of Engineering
Dr. C. DharmagunawardhanaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. M.P.B. EkanayakeFaculty of Engineering
Dr. G.M.R.I. GodaliyaddaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. Aruna GunawardenaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. V.R. HerathFaculty of Engineering
Dr. K.D.R.J. KumaraFaculty of Engineering
Dr. J.R.S. KumaraFaculty of Engineering
Dr. R.D. RanaweeraFaculty of Engineering
Dr. K.B.N. RatnayakeFaculty of Engineering
Dr. K.R.M.N. RatnayakeFaculty of Engineering
Dr. Lilantha SamaranayakeFaculty of Engineering
Dr. Janaka WijayakulasooriyaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. S.A.H.A. SuraweeraFaculty of Engineering
Dr. S.L.P. YasakethuFaculty of Engineering
Dr. W. A. N. I. HarischandraFaculty of Engineering
Dr. P.M. SenadeeraFaculty of Engineering

Department of Engineering Mathematics

Name Faculty
Prof. K. S. WalgamaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. K. PereraFaculty of Engineering
Prof. K. A. S. SusanthaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. (Ms.) D. S. K. KarunasingheFaculty of Engineering
Dr. G. W. R. M. R. PalamakumburaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. S. P. C. PereraFaculty of Engineering
Dr. M. I. M. IshakFaculty of Engineering
Dr. R. MeegaskumburaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. C. K. WalgampayaFaculty of Engineering
Mr. N. L. JayatilakeFaculty of Engineering
Dr. Janitha GunatilakeFaculty of Engineering
Ms. R. M. S. DissanayakeFaculty of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Name Faculty
Prof. Leelananda RajapakshaFaculty of Engineering
Mr. S.K. SeneviratneFaculty of Engineering
Dr. E.M.P.B. BoyagodaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. D.H.S. MaithripalaFaculty of Engineering
Ms. I.W.KularatneFaculty of Engineering
Ms. K.G.S.MangalikaFaculty of Engineering
Ms. L.U. BakmeedeniyaFaculty of Engineering
Ms. U.KotakadeniyaFaculty of Engineering
Dr. D.A.A.C. RatnaweeraFaculty of Engineering
Dr. S.D.G.S.P. GunawardaneFaculty of Engineering
Dr.W. P. D. Fernando Faculty of Engineering
Mr. H.S.I. DharamarathneFaculty of Engineering
Mr. L. SripragashFaculty of Engineering
Ms. B.M.P. BasnayakaFaculty of Engineering

Department of Production Engineering

Name Faculty

Department of Engineering Management

Name Faculty
Dr. G.B.B. HerathFaculty of Engineering
Ms. K.K.K. SylvaFaculty of Engineering
Mr. S.M. DissanayakeFaculty of Engineering
Mr. I. W. N. BandaranayakeFaculty of Engineering
Mrs. Iresha EkanayakeFaculty of Engineering
Ms. Poojani PereraFaculty of Engineering

Department of Industrial Training & Career Guidance Unit

Name Faculty

Department of Anatomy

Name Faculty
Dr. Jayampathy DissanayakeFaculty of Medicine
PROF. S.B. ADIKARIFaculty of Medicine
DR. H.M.A. SOMINANDAFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Himani AmaratungaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. S.M.K. GamageFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Keerthie DissanayakeFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Lakshika PathiranaFaculty of Medicine

Department of Biochemistry

Name Faculty
Prof. H.K.I. PereraFaculty of Medicine
Prof. J.G.S. RanasingheFaculty of Medicine
Dr. P.H.P. FernandoFaculty of Medicine
Prof. C.N.R.A. AllesFaculty of Medicine
Dr. W.I.T. FernandoFaculty of Medicine
Prof. Kalana MaduwageFaculty of Medicine
Dr. S. P. R. P. PREMATILAKEFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Bimba L. GoonapienuwalaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. A.W.D.L. AmbagaspitiyaFaculty of Medicine

Department of Physiology

Name Faculty
Prof. N.S. KalupahanaFaculty of Medicine
Prof. Vajira WeerasingheFaculty of Medicine
Dr. A.KariyawasamFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Indu. NanayakkaraFaculty of Medicine
Dr. A.S. AriyasingheFaculty of Medicine
Prof. Tharaka DassanayakeFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Padmini DahanayakeFaculty of Medicine
Dr. C. N. KahathuduwaFaculty of Medicine
Dr A A C AlahakoonFaculty of Medicine
Dr T.D.P. NandadevaFaculty of Medicine

Department of Pathology

Name Faculty
Prof. Neelakanthi RatnatungaFaculty of Medicine
Prof. A.M.S.D.M. DissanayakeFaculty of Medicine
Dr. R. GunewardaneFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Sulochana WijetungeFaculty of Medicine
Dr. R. WadugeFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Eranga Himalee SiriweeraFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Sakunthala JayasingheFaculty of Medicine
Dr. R.M.P. Manel RathnayakeFaculty of Medicine

Department of Parasitology

Name Faculty
Dr. W.M.D.R. IddawelaFaculty of Medicine
Prof. W.D.S.J. WickramasingheFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Rumala MorelFaculty of Medicine
Dr. D.N. AtapattuFaculty of Medicine

Department of Microbiology

Name Faculty
PROF. F. NOORDEENFaculty of Medicine
DR. CHANDIKA D. GAMAGEFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Asanka TennegedaraFaculty of Medicine

Department of Anaesthesiology

Name Faculty
Prof. Vasanthi PintoFaculty of Medicine
Dr W.M.A.S.B.WasalaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. A.B. AbeysundaraFaculty of Medicine
Dr. P.S.K.NanayakkaraFaculty of Medicine
Dr (Mrs) H.M.A.U. JayasingheFaculty of Medicine

Department of Psychiatry

Name Faculty
Dr. Pabasari GinigeFaculty of Medicine
Prof. Thilini RajapakseFaculty of Medicine
Prof. G.S. Shavindra Rukshan DiasFaculty of Medicine
Dr.Dewasmika Indrapali AriyasingheFaculty of Medicine
Dr. H.G.V.W. WijesiriFaculty of Medicine

Department of Forensic Medicine

Name Faculty
Prof. Sarathchandra KodikaraFaculty of Medicine
Prof. Dinesh FernandoFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Deepthi EdussuriyaFaculty of Medicine
DR. AMAL VADISINGHEFaculty of Medicine

Department of Pharmacology

Name Faculty
Dr Yasitha Arosha IllangasekeraFaculty of Medicine
Dr. U. DangahadeniyaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Sanjeewani FonsekaFaculty of Medicine
Dr.H.M.T.W. SenaviratneFaculty of Medicine

Department of Community Medicine

Name Faculty
Professor S.D. DharmaratneFaculty of Medicine
Professor Ananda JayasingheFaculty of Medicine
Professor P.V.R. KumarasiriFaculty of Medicine
DR. SAMPATH TENNAKOONFaculty of Medicine
Dr. S.M.J.Padmini SuraweeraFaculty of Medicine
DR. SAMIDI NAVARATNAFaculty of Medicine
Dr(Mrs) Damayanthi Kusum Kumari NanayakkaraFaculty of Medicine
Dr. L. WatawanaFaculty of Medicine

Department of Nuclear Medicine Unit

Name Faculty

Department of Medical Education Unit

Name Faculty

Department of Medicine

Name Faculty
Prof. Arjuna MedagamaFaculty of Medicine
Prof. S.A.M. KularatneFaculty of Medicine
Prof. Chandrika JayasingheFaculty of Medicine
Prof. W.A.T.A. JayalathFaculty of Medicine
Prof. I.B. GawarammanaFaculty of Medicine
Prof. Udaya RalapanawaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Manoji PathirageFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Shamali AbeyagunawardenaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Duminda YasaratneFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Rajitaj AbeysekaraFaculty of Medicine
Dr. D.A.C.L. DalugamaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. C. L. DandeniyaFaculty of Medicine

Department of Obsterics & Gynaecology

Name Faculty
Dr. C. RatnayakeFaculty of Medicine
Prof. K. GunawardanaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. (Mrs.) E.W. SamarakoonFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Asoka KarunanandaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. K.I.C. KandaudaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. D.M.C.S. JayasundaraFaculty of Medicine
Dr. M.C. GihanFaculty of Medicine
Dr.M.D. NagarathneFaculty of Medicine

Department of Paediatrics

Name Faculty
Dr.A.H.H.M. JayaweeraFaculty of Medicine
Prof.A.S.AbeyagunawardanaFaculty of Medicine
Dr.Thushara KudagammanaFaculty of Medicine
Prof. Rasnayake M. MudiyanseFaculty of Medicine
Dr Pathum Vindana DissanayakeFaculty of Medicine
Dr. M.G.D.V.K. KiridanaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. H.M.P.U DematawaFaculty of Medicine

Department of Surgery

Name Faculty
Dr. Arinda DharmapalaFaculty of Medicine
Prof. M.D. LamawansaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. A.U.B. PethiyagadaFaculty of Medicine
Prof. K.B. GalketiyaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. H.M.S.R.B. KotakadeniyaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. A.K.B.B.T.B. SamarasingheFaculty of Medicine
Dr. S.P.M. PeirisFaculty of Medicine
Dr. E.M.U.J.B. EkanayakeFaculty of Medicine
Dr. R.M.J.B.S. RathnayakeFaculty of Medicine
Dr. M. HettiarachchiFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Buddhika DassanayakeFaculty of Medicine
Dr. C.J.G. GalappaththyFaculty of Medicine

Department of Radiology

Name Faculty
Prof. P. B. HewavithanaFaculty of Medicine
Dr. S. RosairoFaculty of Medicine
Dr. J.J.K.H. UdupihilleFaculty of Medicine
Dr. Fariha SitheequeFaculty of Medicine

Department of Botany

Name Faculty
Prof. D.M. Deepthi YakandawalaFaculty of Science
Prof. H.M.S.P. MadawalaFaculty of Science
Prof. G.A.D. PereraFaculty of Science
Prof. C.L. AbayasekeraFaculty of Science
Prof. K.M.G.G. JayasuriyaFaculty of Science
Dr. A.M. KarunaratneFaculty of Science
Prof. W.A.M. DaundasekeraFaculty of Science
Dr. A.M.T.A. GunaratneFaculty of Science
Dr. J.W. DamunupolaFaculty of Science
Dr. S.C.K. RubasingheFaculty of Science
Dr. A.D. Sarangi N.P. AthukoralaFaculty of Science
Dr. N. Suranjith Gama-ArachchigeFaculty of Science
Dr. Chandima AriyarathneFaculty of Science
Dr. W.R. Priyanga WijesingheFaculty of Science
Ms. B. S. NanayakkaraFaculty of Science

Department of Chemistry

Name Faculty
Dr. J. A. T.C. AriyasenaFaculty of Science
Dr. W. M. A. T. BandaraFaculty of Science
Prof. M. Y. U. GanehenegeFaculty of Science
Dr. W. S. S. GunathilakeFaculty of Science
Prof. C. V. HettiarachchiFaculty of Science
Dr. J. M. Susanthi JayasingheFaculty of Science
Dr. A. C. A. JayasunderaFaculty of Science
Prof. D. N. KarunaratneFaculty of Science
Prof. N. L. V. V. KarunaratneFaculty of Science
Prof. A. N. NavaratneFaculty of Science
Prof. A. D. L. C. PereraFaculty of Science
Dr. H. A. I. R. PereraFaculty of Science
Prof. H. M. D. N. PriyanthaFaculty of Science
Prof. R. M. G. RajapakseFaculty of Science
Dr. R. J. K. U. RanatungaFaculty of Science
Dr. V. N. SeneviratneFaculty of Science
Dr. D. R. UduwelaFaculty of Science
Prof. A. WickramasingheFaculty of Science

Department of Geology

Name Faculty
Prof. Rohana ChandrajithFaculty of Science
Prof. Atula SenaratneFaculty of Science
Prof. H.A.H. JayasenaFaculty of Science
Prof. H.M.T.G.A. PitawalaFaculty of Science
Prof. H.A. DharmagunawardaneFaculty of Science
Mr. L.R.K. PereraFaculty of Science
Dr. A.A.J.K. GunatilakeFaculty of Science
Mr. U. B. AmarasingheFaculty of Science
Prof. Sanjeewa P.K. MalaviarachchiFaculty of Science
Dr. N.W.B. BalasooriyaFaculty of Science
Dr. Nadeesha KoralageFaculty of Science
Dr. P.L. DharmapriyaFaculty of Science

Department of Mathematics

Name Faculty
Prof. A.A.I. PereraFaculty of Science
Prof. W.B. DaundasekeraFaculty of Science
Dr. J. A. WeliwitaFaculty of Science
Mrs. W.N.P. RodrigoFaculty of Science
Dr. Z.A.M.S. JumanFaculty of Science
Dr. Rekha De SilvaFaculty of Science
Dr. A. K. AmarasingheFaculty of Science
Dr. P.G.R.S. RanasingheFaculty of Science
Ms. A.M.C.U.M.AthapattuFaculty of Science
Ms. M.M.R. BalasooriyaFaculty of Science
Mrs. A.A.C.A.JayatilakeFaculty of Science
Mr. K.M.N.M. ChathurangaFaculty of Science
Mrs. H.M.I.U.HerathFaculty of Science
Mr. K.D.E.DhananjayaFaculty of Science

Department of Molecular Biology and Bio-Technology

Name Faculty
Prof. R. G. S. C. RajapakseFaculty of Science
Prof. Preminda SamaraweeraFaculty of Science
Prof. S. D. Suneth S. SooriyapathiranaFaculty of Science
Mrs. M. P. Chandima S. DhanapalaFaculty of Science

Department of Physics

Name Faculty
Prof. L.R.A.K. BandaraFaculty of Science
Dr. P.W.S.K. BandaranayakeFaculty of Science
Dr. V. A. SeneviratneFaculty of Science
Prof. Pubudu SamarasekaraFaculty of Science
Dr. J.P. LiyanageFaculty of Science
Dr. J.A.C.P. JayalathFaculty of Science
Dr. B.S. DassanayakeFaculty of Science
Dr. T.P. RanawakaFaculty of Science
Dr. B. M. Karunananda PemasiriFaculty of Science
Dr. V. SivakumarFaculty of Science
Dr. L. K. NarangammanaFaculty of Science
Dr. H. C. S. PereraFaculty of Science
Mr. Rachitha MendisFaculty of Science
Dr. T. M. W. J. BandaraFaculty of Science

Department of Statistics and Computer Science

Name Faculty
Prof. Pushpakanthie WijekoonFaculty of Science
Prof. Saluka R. KodituwakkuFaculty of Science
Prof. Roshan D. YapaFaculty of Science
Dr. Amalka J. PinidiyaarachchiFaculty of Science
Dr. Ruwan D. NawarathnaFaculty of Science
Dr. Sachith P. AbeysundaraFaculty of Science
Dr. S.A. Ruwan Punchi ManageFaculty of Science
Dr. Hemalika T.K. AbeysundaraFaculty of Science
Dr. Ruwanthini SiyambalapitiyaFaculty of Science
Dr. Lakshika S. NawarathnaFaculty of Science
Dr. Erunika O. DayarthneFaculty of Science
Mr. Mahasen DehideniyaFaculty of Science
Mr. M.A.P. ChamikaraFaculty of Science
Mr. Prabhath GunathilakeFaculty of Science
Mrs. Thilini Dulanjali KularatneFaculty of Science
Dr. Hakim A. UsoofFaculty of Science
Mr. Bhashithe AbeysingheFaculty of Science

Department of Zoology

Name Faculty
Prof. S.H.P. Parakrama KarunaratneFaculty of Science
Prof. K.B. RanawanaFaculty of Science
Prof. Rupika Subashini RajakarunaFaculty of Science
Prof. Sudharma .K. YatigammanaFaculty of Science
Dr. Suyama BoyagodaFaculty of Science
Prof. W.A. Inoka P. KarunaratneFaculty of Science
Dr. N. P. S. KumburegamaFaculty of Science
Mr. Chaminda WijesundaraFaculty of Science
Dr. W.A. Priyanka .P. De SilvaFaculty of Science
Dr. T.C. WeeraratneFaculty of Science
Ms. T. A. JayaweeraFaculty of Science
Dr. Piyumali K. PereraFaculty of Science
Ms. C.S. MunasingheFaculty of Science
Mr. D.R.G.W.B. EllepolaFaculty of Science
Ms. Shamindri TennakoonFaculty of Science

Department of Science Education Unit

Name Faculty

Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences

Name Faculty
Prof. H. B. S. AriyaratneFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. D. Madura S. MunasingheFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr.Anoja WanigasekeraFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. Niromi K. JayasekeraFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. L. J. P. Anura P. JayasooriyaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. L. G. Sampath LokugalappattiFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. L. G. Sampath LokugalappattiFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr.Y A M Saumya WickramasingheFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. Nilmini JayasenaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. Dilan SatharasingheFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. R. M. S. B. K. RanasingheFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. A. M. Ushani AtapattuFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. Sathya NadeeshaniFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

Name Faculty
Dr. G. S. Panduka De S. GunawardenaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Prof. R. P. V. J. RajapakseFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. A. ArulkanthanFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. A. W. KalupahanaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. S.S.S de S. JagodaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. K.K.WijesundaraFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. W Deepani D FernandoFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

Department of Veterinary Public Health and Pharmacology

Name Faculty
Dr. Madhavi H. HathurusingheFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. R.S.KalupahanaaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. B. R. FernandoFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. K. S. A. KottawattaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. Thusitha K. KarunarathnaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

Department of Veterinary Clinical Science

Name Faculty
Dr. Nayana WijayawardhaneFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Prof.Indira D. SilvaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. D. D. Niranjala de SilvaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Prof.Ashoka DangollaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. R. A. D. Eranda IndrajithFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. E. R. K. V. EdirimanneFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. W. R. Bandula KumaraFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. D.R. Anuruddhika DissanayakeFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. H. M. Suranji WijekoonFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr.M.G.C.M JayasingheFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. H. M. H. S. AriyarathnaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

Department of Farm Animal Health and Production

Name Faculty
Prof. P. G. Anil PushpakumaraFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Prof. Basil AlexanderFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. M. N. M. FouziFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. M. L. A. N. R. DeepaniFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. R. A. Chanaka RabelFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. Aruna AmarasingheFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. K. NizananthaFaculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

Department of Business Finance

Name Faculty
Dr. Athula EkanayakeFaculty of Management
Dr. M. AlfredFaculty of Management
Mr. S.M.U.T.S. SubasingheFaculty of Management
Ms. Sujeewa KodithuwakkuFaculty of Management
Dr. M.G.P.D. MenikeFaculty of Management
Ms. V. JayakumarFaculty of Management
Ms. P.L.W. PriyadarshaniFaculty of Management
Ms. S. YamunaFaculty of Management
Ms. Nishani Kaushalya MudaligeFaculty of Management
Ms. Madushani GunathilakeFaculty of Management
Ms. M. N. F. NuskiyaFaculty of Management
Mr. D.D.C. KavindaFaculty of Management
Ms. P. SuwathikaFaculty of Management
Mr E.K.P.S EpaFaculty of Management
Mr. M.V.R.U.K.B AriyarathnaFaculty of Management

Department of Human Resource Management

Name Faculty
Mr. N. AgilanFaculty of Management
Dr. Richard WickramaratneFaculty of Management
Ms. Erandathi JayawickramaFaculty of Management
MS.Waruni EdirisooriyaFaculty of Management
Ms. Subashini WeerakotuwaFaculty of Management
Ms. Rakhitha MunasingheFaculty of Management
Ms. S. D. Fahima MumthazFaculty of Management

Department of Marketing Management

Name Faculty
Dr. B.A. Nuresh ErandaFaculty of Management
Mrs. W.M.H.U.WijethungaFaculty of Management
Ms. K.H.M.A.R. KolongahapitiyaFaculty of Management
Ms. B.S. HettiarachchyFaculty of Management

Department of Operations Management

Name Faculty
Dr. S. MaheswaranFaculty of Management
Prof. Milton RajaratneFaculty of Management
Dr. R. H. KuruppugeFaculty of Management
Mr. A.M.A.S.M. BandaraFaculty of Management
Ms. HLM De SilvaFaculty of Management
Mr. G.C.I. GunarathneFaculty of Management
Ms. Subagya DasnayakeFaculty of Management
Ms.P.W. TennekoonFaculty of Management
Ms. S.P.AryarathneFaculty of Management
Ms. KumarasiriFaculty of Management
Ms R. SinthooryFaculty of Management
Ms L.N. PriyashaniFaculty of Management
Ms. A.M.S.M.C.M. AththanayakeFaculty of Management