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As Alumni of the University of Peradeniya, we share a common bond; a sense of pride, loyalty and tradition.

Why become an AAUP Member?
  • The AAUP members are eligible to acecss the reference section of the main library of the University during regular office hours.
  • Access to gymnasium, swimming pool and grounds at nominal rates.
  • Stay in Sungreen Resorts -Habarana, a newly constructed hotel with forty rooms. - 40% off for AAUP members during off season.
  • Special discount and group packages for the year 2017 for AAUP Members from ROYAL GARDEN HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD
    • Gym 15%,
      Spa 20%,,
      Restaurant 10%,,
      Rooms 10%,,
      Pastry 10%,,
      Pharmacy 5% (Purchase Over Rs.1, 500/=),,
      Supermarket 5% (Purchase Over Rs.4, 000/=)
    Valid for AAUP members only. more>>

In addition, being an AAUP member is a

  • A selfless way to give back to the University
  • A way to reconnect with fellow alumni worldwide
  • A way to connect with students
  • A way to help make a positive difference to your Alma Mater
  • A way to add value and respect to the degree you worked so hard to earn


Each new membership makes the AAUP stronger.

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The best part of joining the AAUP is being able to say

About Us

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This association brings together alumni of the:.

  • Ceylon Medical College (1870-1942)
  • University College (1921-1942)
  • University of Ceylon (1942-1967)
  • University of Ceylon, Peradeniya (1967-1972)
  • Peradeniya Campus of the University of Ceylon (1972-1978)
  • University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka (1979 onwards)

This association is for the benefit of the Peradeniya University community which includes the alumni of the above mentioned institutions.