Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC) is the fastest growing non-state University in Sri Lanka with over 750 undergraduate students reading Engineering and Technology degrees. The University offers 4-year full-time BSc. and BTec. honours degrees in 11 different disciplines. The delivery of the program is completely based on outcome-based education with a problem based learning environment.

The University has established three entities to ensure the successful delivery. These three entities are the Centre for education of teachers, Centre for international and national collaboration and the Centre for Quality assurance.

The latter ensures that the student experience is maximized while maintaining the curriculum up to date and relevant to current and future trends, delivery of material is based on project based and learning centred, adhere to national and international guidelines. In addition, the centre is responsible for conducting frequent student feedback surveys and implementing recommendations with the help of School heads and relevant management and academic personnel.

The external collaboration unit ensures the curriculum and delivery methods are in-sync with the national and international partner organizations.

Centre for education of the teachers are responsible for ensuring and training the lecturers and their delivery methods follow modern techniques that amplify student learning.

The University delivers programmes through two schools. Each school has a board of study headed by the school head, responsible for the delivery, administration and development of courses. This board ensures the student curriculum is revised according to the guidelines and to keep in line with the changes in the world around. It also ensures the delivery of the course meets the Q&A goals including change of teaching personnel and the improvement of teaching aides such as laboratories.