Automated Object Counting

 Industrial partner:  Brandix Lanka Ltd

  • In mass production, garments are manufactured in batches. In producing such a batch, typically 30 – 50 items per batch, the number of components should be counted and issued currently per batch.

  • In a typical work cycle, a large number of such batches are produced. Therefore, precisely and rapidly counting a large number of batches of small objects each batch consisting of moderate number of objects is a crucial in mass production garment industry.

  • Miscounting can result in disruption to the work flow, movement of items and warehouse management.

  • An image based automatic counting solution was provided. The image acquisition setup consists of a fixed and covered frame with surround lights inside to isolate the image surface from external light disturbances and have a fixed and even light intensity inside. The camera was centrally mounted in the apparatus to maximize the image area.

  • The captured image was processed through a principle component analysis (PCA) based algorithm which can automatically identify and count objects perfectly even if three or four objects are overlapping. the operator only has to spread the objects which are to be counted on the image surface and press a button to obtain a count.


Automated Object Counting

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