Message from the Director

The Multidisciplinary National Innovation Centre (MuNIC) was established at the University of Peradeniya, mainly to achieve the following objectives:

  • Research value addition to current products in the industry

  • Strengthen ties between University and Industry thus supporting innovation-based economic development

  • Carry out joint workshops and face-to-face mentoring sessions

  • Share resources as and when required

As the first step, we are embarking on delivering innovative research-led solutions to automate your production processors and/or to add value to existing products and services offered by you. We are happy to engage in the following thrust areas, through which we could have an immediate impact to automate or to add value to the current processes and services in your industry:

  • Robotic and automation solutions

  • Image and signal processing solutions

  • Software solutions

To minimize the cost of infrastructure required to facilitate the objectives of MuNIC, we operate a cyber office and all communications, other than factory visits to understand a production process or a product or service offered by the industries, are carried out through the Internet. I am inviting industrialist to contact us through our web page so that we could initiate our collaborative effort to help the national development through sustainable industries.

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