Message from the Vice Chancellor

The Government of Sri Lanka has a strategic plan to develop the country as a hub in the “knowledge-based economy”. Recognizing innovation and entrepreneurship as key economic drivers for the knowledge-based economy, the University of Peradeniya embarked a nationally important timely initiative to establish the Multidisciplinary National Innovation Centre (MuNIC).

MuNIC identifies and nurtures industry and research-based innovations by creating a fertile environment for staff, students and industrialists to work together so that innovations can come to the marketplace swiftly. The University of Peradeniya is an ideal place to start a multidisciplinary innovation centre as it is the only residential university in the country in which all the staff and students nurture cross-disciplinary culture and which has expertise on Agriculture, Allied Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Dental Sciences, Engineering, Management, Medicine, Science, and Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. Further the University of Peradeniya is the leading research institution among all similar institutions in the country and ranked number 1 in the webometric ranking of Sri Lankan universities. In addition to the world-class researches, most of the faculties at the University of Peradeniya have fully-fledged laboratories to undertake research towards innovations.

Therefore, we believe that MuNIC will be the central hub for triggering the knowledge-based economy in the country and we invite industries to come and join with us to trigger the activities of MuNIC.

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