Vision, Mission & objectives


To contribute to the knowledge-based economy of Sri Lanka by acting as a Catalyst for innovations by building a bridge between our world-leading research base and industries and service providers who are ambitious to support a technology-enabled market in Sri Lanka.


To offer a unique platform for small and large industries and businesses to work alongside with the academics working in a range of disciplines to co-create innovations and to act as a catalyst to accelerate product development from the laboratory to marketplace.


  • To research into products and services directly relevant to the industry that lead into innovation and then to commercialisation

  • To strengthen the ties between Government, University and Industries thus supporting the innovation based economic development

  • To facilitate the incubation of innovations carried out by other inventors clubs within schools, technical colleges and other universities

  • To give necessary technical support through an Exploratorium for enthusiastic students from schools and other universities to come and develop their ideas

  • To conduct educational initiatives that foster innovations and entrepreneurship

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