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Center for Research in Oral Cancer

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The Inaugural Journal Club of the Centre for Research in Oral Cancer (CROC) was held on 3rd March 2021 at the CROC auditorium with the participation of 42 local and foreign participants via Zoom platform and group of dental undergraduates. This was organized by Dr. Rasika Illeperuma, Senior Lecturer of the CROC, Department of Oral Pathology. Firstly, Prof. Primali Jayasooriya, Acting Director of the CROC welcomed everyone to the journal club. Prof. Saman Warnakulasuriya gave a brief introduction about the importance and purpose of a journal club. Then Dr. Sumali Sumithrarachchi presented the research article titled “Oral lichenoid dysplasia and not oral lichen planus undergoes malignant transformation at high rates” (Shearston et al., 2019). After that Dr. Rasika Illeperuma talked about the strengths of the study and Dr.Kalani Hettiarachchi presented the weaknesses of the study. Prof. W.M. Tilakaratne talked about the clinic-pathological importance of the research. ¬†Finally there was a discussion about the study facilitated by Prof. Saman Warnakulasuriya and Prof. W.M. Tilakaratne. The event was followed by refreshments. This will be continued as a monthly event organized by the CROC.

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