Welcome to University Research Council

This centre has been functioning as the liaising entity for all international exchanges and research activities of the university and has initiated and renewed links and agreements of the university with various institutions throughout the world.

Our Vision

To aid establish the national & international identity of the University of Peradeniya as a centre of excellence in research and higher education and as a contributor to the global knowledge hub.

Our Mission

To stimulate, encourage, and support research across all segments of the University community and to establish multidisciplinary research collaborations at both national and international level.


Functions and Activities

  • To attract national and international finds for research.
  • To encourage and assist university staff to attract fund/research grants from national and international research granting bodies.
  • To establish research collaborations between University of Peradeniya and local institutes and with overseas organizations in liaison with International Affairs Office.
  • To enhance university research publications in high impact journal by providing financial assistance.
  • To conduct regular training for the staff to improve skill of scientific writing.
  • To maintain up-to-date research database.
  • To offer administrative support for research project handling.
  • To develop infrastructure and equipment facilities for research activities and to introduce mechanisms to accelerate procurement procedures related to research activities.
  • To organise national and international research conferences, seminar and workshops.
  • To disseminate and showcase university research activities to university community, other relevant authorities and to the general public.
  • To assist in patenting and commercialization of research outputs by maintaining close link with university business linkages.
  • To recognize outstanding researchers through award schemes.

Recent News

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

The University Research Council (URC) had organized a training programme on "Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy" on 18th of March 2020 at the Postgraduate Institute of Science....

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Webinar on Securing Research funding in a competitive environment: Strategies & Guidelines

The University Research Council [URC] had organized a webinar on “Securing Research Funding in a competitive environment : Strategies & Guidelines”. The objective of this webinar was to make the young and mid career researchers aware of tips and tricks for securing research funding in today's competitive environment. The webinar was held on the 23rd of February 2021 from 9:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m.

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Fellowships are awarded for prosin the news pective leaders and postdoctoral researchers working academically or practically in climate protection or climate-relevant resource conservation

by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

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Upcoming Events

Pre-Conference Webinar No. 3

TheProspectsfortheSriLankanCapitalMarketsandtheEconomy in the Aftermath of the Covid-19 Pandemic

There is a considerably long history of capital markets in Sri Lanka with the modern stock market dating back 36 years. The regulatory, institutional, trading, clearing and settlement infrastructures are fairly well-established. Although many components of the capital markets are in place, Sri Lanka needs to undertake substantial and challenging structural and policy reforms in order to establish a well-functioning financial system with more broad-based, efficient and stable capital markets and to fully leverage its potential to achieve long-term economic goals. This presentation will provide an overview of the current status and trends of the Sri Lankan capital markets. Further, it will also discuss some of the key contemporary issues and discuss a few important strategies and solutions. ...

Register for the webinar via : https://forms.gle/2SEtaBfptpoqo9ax9

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