Centre for Quality Assurance

Mrs. B.N. Jeewandara-Ariyaratne
Assistant Registrar
arcqa@gs.pdn.ac.lk cqauop@gs.pdn.ac.lk



The Centre for Quality Assurance (CQA) of the University of Peradeniya was established by the Governing Council of the University as per the by-laws relating to Internal Quality Assurance of the University approved by the Council at its 503rd meeting on 04th April 2021 under the UGC circular No 09/2019.

The Centre aims to ensure the highest quality in the pursuit of education, learning and research and the dissemination of knowledge through a robust internal quality assurance system in the University. It shall be instrumental in improving the learning, work and living experience of the university community by propelling all academic and administrative entities towards attaining the highest level of performance. Further, the Centre attempts to be a driving force for continuous improvement of all core processes of the University to contribute to making it the most trusted institution nationally and internationally. It shall inspire the university community through its supportive and collaborative role in enhancing the standard of the practices of all the entities, thereby enabling the University to achieve its Vision. The activities of the Centre are administered by a Management Committee, which is the Standing Committee of the Senate on Quality Assurance and chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

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Staff Members

  • Mrs. R.M.S.K. Rathnayake – Management Assistant (grade III)
  • Mrs. R.A.P. Rupasinghe- Management Assistant (grade III)
  • Mrs. H.M.N.U. Herath- Management Assistant (grade III)
  • Mrs. K.G.E.N. Kumari – Works – Aide (grade III)