Colours’ Awards Ceremony 2023- University of Peradeniya

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The University of Peradeniya’s Annual Colours’ Award Ceremony, held on 12th January 2024, at the E.O.E. Pereira Theater, was a splendid event dedicated to recognizing the outstanding achievements of undergraduate sportsmen and sportswomen who excelled in sports during 2023. A total of 170 sportsmen and 79 sportswomen were honored with university colours, including 124 half colours for men and 71 for women. The ceremony celebrated exceptional performances at Inter-University, National, and International Competitions representing the University of Peradeniya.

In addition to the university colours, special awards were presented to athletes who demonstrated remarkable performances in national and international representations. The sportsmen and sportswomen were offered 19 special awards for national-level competitions. Furthermore, 4  swimming and 01 weightlifting record at Sri Lanka University Games were also honoured. Furthermore, athletes who set 06 new university athletic records at the SLUG Track & Field Championships 2023 were felicitated.

Ms. Y.M.C.S. Yapabandara was recognized as the Most Outstanding 01st Year Sportswoman of the Year, while Ms. W.M.S.K. Wijekoon and Mr. I.M. Abeyrathne were honored as the Most Outstanding Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year 2023, respectively.

The Chief Guest at the Colours’ Award Ceremony was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Terrence Madujith. Dr. D.M.U. I. Dissanayake, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. R.H. Kuruppuge, the Dean of the Faculty of Management, Prof. A. Manjula Atiyagala, the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Sciences, Prof. R.G.S.C. Rajapakse, the Dean of the Faculty of Science, and Prof. K.A.S.S. Kodithuwakku, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture attended as Guests of Honor. Prof. Neil Alles and  Prof. Walter Senevirathne represented the Deans of Faculties of Medicine and Arts, respectively.  Dr. Chandana Jayawardena, Director of HRDU, University of Peradeniya, also graced the occasion.

The Acting Director of Physical Education, Prof. Nanda Balasooriya, and Chief Guest Prof. Terrence Madhujith delivered speeches, adding significance to the event. The University Cultural Centre’s dancing group presented stunning performances, enhancing the grandeur of the ceremony.

Following the Colours’ Awards Ceremony, a glamorous Colours Night 2023 organized by the Sports Council was held at the Gymnasium.

The Colours’ Awards Ceremony was telecast, and the weblink provides access to further details about this remarkable event.

(Photo Credits: PeraBeats)

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