Corporate Management Division

Ms. D.K.K. Narampanawe
Senior Assistant Registrar
081 2392435


  • Facilitate all activities and functions related to the preparation of the Annual Action Plans, Strategic Plans (prepared covering a specific time periods.)
  • Coordination of the preparation of Standard Operating Procedures by Faculties, Centres, Divisions and Units.
  • Quarterly review of the progress on the Action Plan and annual review of and thereby reporting the progress on the Strategic Plan to the Vice Chancellor, to be reported to the Council.
  • Annual update of the Management Guide with a revision of the same once in five years.
  • Appointments of Part-time Directors/ Coordinators to Centres and Units that come under the purview of the Vice Chancellor / Deans of Faculties.
  • Other non-academic staff appointments are processed only in the absence of cadre provisions, based on self-earning criteria.
  • Handles the Agrahara Insurance Scheme that was introduced for the employees of the University, CDCE and the PGIs.
  • Facilitates the Management Committee meetings of the Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) , Human Resource Management and Development Committee, Strategic Plan Development Committee chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, and the IT Service Committee, chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.


Application forms/ Information

  • Check Lists to be submitted along with the request for temporary appointments.
  • Format to prepare Annual Progress Report
  • Format to submit Strategic Plan – Faculty /Centre/Division
  • Format to submit Annual Action Plan – Faculty /Centre/Division
  • Claim Applications, required documents to Agrahara Claim
  • Application and Guidelines for register for Agrahara Insurance Scheme.
  • Format to prepare quarter progresses of the Action Plans

Staff Members

  • C.N.Akkarawatta – Management Assistant – Grade III
  • A.A.J.T.Bandara – Management Assistant – Grade III
  • D.M.K.G.S.Y. Bandara – Works Aid – Grade III
  • R.P.D.N.Jayawardane – Works Aid – Grade III