Council & Academic Division

Mr. WMMS Wijesundara

Senior Assistant Registrar
071 609 9934
081 239 2344


  • Handling all matters related to the Senate and the Council and the following Senate subcommittees.
  • Academic Development & Planning Committee
    Senate Research Committee
    English Language Teaching Committee
    Senate Library Committee
    Senate Publications Committee

  • Administration of University Research Grants and Research Fellowships (awarding/monitoring)

Application forms/ Information

  1. Format/guidelines for submitting new courses to the ADPC and the Senate

  1. ToR for Faculty Representatives of the ADPC

  1. Format of Council Memorandum

  1. Conferment of Honorary Degrees: Council Report

  1. Format for Memoranda of Understanding

  1. MoU: Format for Justification (Required when submitting to the UGC)

  1. MoU: Checklist (Required when submitting to the UGC)

  1. Code of Conduct for Academic Staff

  1. Policy on Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence

  1. Regulations promulgated under the Policy on Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence

  1. SoP on Declaring & Managing Conflict of Interest

  1. Common Graduate Profile

  1. Guidelines for regularizing Undergraduate Examinations

  1. Policy on online teaching, learning, and assessment

  1. Addressing the issue of plagiarism

  1. Policy on research, invention, innovation, development, and commercialization

  1. Workload calculation for Academic Staff

  1. University Logo: Senate recommendations on its use

  1. University Research Grant Regulations

  1. Final Report Evaluation Form (for External Evaluators)

  1. Application for University Research Grants

  1. University Research Grants: Submission of Progress Reports

  1. University Research Grants: Submission of Final Reports

  1. University Research Fellowships: Bylaws

  1. University Research Fellowships: Guidelines for Applicants

  1. University Research Fellowships: Application

  1. University Research Fellowships: Progress Report Submission Format

  1. Guidelines for awarding Emeritus Professorships

Staff Members

  • Chandrika Premaratne, Senior Staff Assistant
  • RuviniMenaka Karunaratne, Mgt. Assistant
  • Gowri Perera, Mgt. Assistant
  • SepalikaPattapola, Stenographer (English)
  • Bhagya Jayaratne, Stenographer (English)
  • Kingsley Dewapaksha, Office Aide
  • Sujeewa Tennakoon, Office Aide
  • IndunilWatareka, Book Binder