Deans of Faculties

The Deans are the academic and administrative heads of faculties, and are elected by the respective Faculty Boards from among the Heads of the Departments of study comprising each Faculty, including the incumbent Dean. Their term of office is three years.

Faculty of Agriculture                                                            Prof Sarath S. Kodithuwakku

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences                                         Prof. M.D.M.L.D.K. Yatawara

Faculty of Arts                                                                       Dr. E.M.P.C.S. Ekanayake

Faculty of Dental Sciences                                                   Prof. Manjula Attygalla

Faculty of Engineering                                                          Dr. U. I. Dissanayake

Faculty of Management                                                        Prof. E.M.A.S.B. Ekanayake

Faculty of Medicine                                                               Professor Vasanthi Pinto

Faculty of Science                                                                 Prof. Sanath Rajapakse

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science           Prof. Anil Pushpakumara