Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Prof. WMT. Madhujith

Professor WMT. Madhujith

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+94 81 238 9140
+94 81 239 2304

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor is in-charge of matters relating to students of the University such as admissions, scholarships, sports, recreational and welfare activities, residential facilities, disciplinary matters, student societies, student union activities, student/University interactions with schools/outside Institutions or organizations of Learning and any other activities pertaining to students.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor is an ex-officio member of the Council, the Senate and other statutory committees of the University The Deputy Vice-Chancellor is the chairperson of the Council sub-committees such as the Bond Committee [violation of bonds and agreements by both academic and non-academic staff], the Web Development Committee [development of the University Website], the Leave and Awards Committee [granting of all types of Leave to academic and non-academic staff]. Apart from being the chairperson of these committees, he is called upon to chair numerous ad-hoc committees appointed for various purposes.

In the absence of the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor functions as the Acting Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of the Universities Act. He also discharges duties assigned to him by the Vice-Chancellor, as and when necessary.

Professor WMT. Madhujith