Foreign Supply and Centers

Ms J.F. Shakira
Assistant Bursar


Foreign Supplies Unit

The Foreign Supplies Unit of the Division of Financial Administration is responsible for the following affairs of the University of Peradeniya:

  1. Payments to foreign   suppliers for purchase of goods/services purchased by the University.
  2. Procurement of air tickets for teachers/officers of the University flying abroad on study leave/sabbatical leave/overseas duty leave.
  3. Payments to suppliers for purchase of library books and periodicals by the University.
  4. Foreign procurement of items under projects and research grants which are centrally handled.
  5. Clearance of items purchased by the University from Sri Lanka Customs subsequent to getting the approval from the relevant organizations.


The financial affairs of the centres that do not come under the purview of Faculties are centrally handled by the Division of Financial Administration. The unit is responsible for the following activities of the Staff Development Centre (SDC), Centre for Environmental Studies (CES), Sri Lanka Japan Study Centre (SLJSC), Business Linkage Innovation Incubation & Technology Transfer Office (BLII-TTO), Pre-School & Child Care Centre (PSCCC), International Relations Office (InRO), University Research Council (URC) and the Career Guidance Unit:

1.     Recommendation of budgets of projects, research activities and other activities carried out by/through the above centres to the Finance Committee

2.     Making payments of the centres out of funds allocated for internal research grants, funds from external donor organizations or self-generated funds.

3.     Submission of financial reports to the funding agencies of research grants and projects.

Application forms/ Information

Staff Members

  • Prasanna Abeysinghe – Wharf Clerk
  • M.H.S. Ayesha – Management Assistant
  • Gayaan Kulathilake – Management Assistant