Health Centre

Dr. H.M.C.L. Herath
Acting Chief Medical Officer


Main areas of service delivery

  • Curative service (Patients treatment)
  • Administrative Medical procedures
  • Preventive Health Services
  • Environmental Sanitation

Curative services

  • Patients examination and treatment
  • Inward patient management
  • Health Education
  • Maintenance of medical records and statistics
  • Counseling services
  • Follow up for necessary patients
  • 24 hours ambulance services
  • First aids Programmes – convocation /sport /student programme
  • Sports Medical support
  • Referral for specialized management
  • Laboratory investigation
  • Dressing ,Minor surgery, vaccination
  • Provision of all drugs

Administration Medical procedures

  • General Institutional administration
  • Recommendation of Medical certificates and Medical leave of students/Employees
  • Conducting specialized medical boards – every 3 months
  • Medical examination of newly recruited employees
  • Medico legal procedures
  • Recommendation of policy decision for University health promotion and improvements
  • Recommendation for accident on duty leaves and compensation through medical board.
  • Maintenance of medical records of all student and staff


Preventive Health services

  • Communicable diseases management and investigation
  • Dengue control Programme
  • Pest control – termites ,Rats ,flies, Bed bugs
  • Rabies control – Dog vaccination , sterilization, isolation of dogs
  • Health education and awareness programme
  • Coordination with local Health authorities
  • Reporting notifiable diseases to the Health department

Environmental Sanitation

  • Solid Waste Management – Implementation of new programme
  • Open drain system maintenance
  • Hostels/Canteen/Toilets supervision and  monitoring
  • Sanitary management of University special events
  • Supervision of clinical waste management
  • Assistance for student’s voluntary environmental programme
  • Providing recommendation for environmental related policy decisions.
  • Supervision of sewerage system
  • Working in collaboration with Central Environmental Authority, Kandy Municipal Council and other related authorities.

Counseling Services

  • Non – Communicable Diseases   (NCD)

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